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O / VSouth West Africa 1923 (Jan). KING GEORGE V / KINGSHEADS / OVERPRINT ERRORS SG 1v . OVERPRINT TYPE I - TYPOGRAPHED: ½d pair (SACC 1) with variety - broken "t" in West plus sliced heel of "Z" in Zuid, VFU with cancel well clear of varieties, used pair alone cat £9 (1 pair)R 100
ONatal 1863. QUEEN VICTORIA SG 18 . Chalon Heads (No Wmk, perf 13): 1d lake FU, cat £27 (1 stamp)R 160
ONatal 1863-65. QUEEN VICTORIA SG 23 . Chalon Heads (Wmk Crown CC, perf 12½): 6d lilac G/FU, cat £17 (1 stamp)R 100
Rev / ONatal 1864-77. QUEEN VICTORIA / REVENUES BR R77 . Chalon Heads (Wmk Crown CC, perf 12½): 1d yellow (not issued for postal purposes) FU, cat £5 (1 stamp)R 40
FDC / AirMozambique 1962 (15.10). AIRCRAFT / AIRLINES . 25th Anniversary of DETA (the local airline) official FDC superb unaddressed, very attractive (1 cover)R 36
FFC / [A] / PmksCocos (Keeling) Islands 1955 (23 NOV). HORSES / FORERUNNERS / TRANSPORT . Australian 1955 2/- Cobb & Coach commemorative SG 285 tied to illustrated QANTAS AIRMAIL cover by COCOS ISLAND cds (on 1st day of Australian Administration) with special INAUGURATION OF DOMESTIC POSTAL SERVICE cachet, addressed to South Africa, minor handling does not detract (1 cover)R 120
FFC / [A]Israel 1959 (15.5). HELICOPTERS / FLIGHT COVERS . Illustrated registered cover with special cancels, FIRST FLIGHT 'ARKIA' HELICOPTER, with special b/s etc, neat & attractive (1 cover)R 75
FFC / [A]Israel 1959 (19.8). HELICOPTERS / FLIGHT COVERS / PHILATELY / EXHIBITIONS SG 160 . Official TEL-AVIV JUBILEE EXHIBITION illustrated cover with 50th Anniversary of Tel-Aviv commemorative plus full tab, tied by special 1st day cancel, with HELICOPTER cachet, neat & attractive (1 cover)R 50
PH / [O] / [A]South Africa - Union 1950 (circa). POST OFFICES / SAVINGS BANKS / OFFICIALS / CONSERVATION . Official pre-printed bilingual O.H.M.S. envelope encouraging conservation - USE PAPER SPARINGLY, with crowned, boxed DEPARTMENT OF POSTS & TELEGRAPHS/ POST OFFICE SAVINGS BANK/ OFFICIAL FREE/ BLOEMFONTEIN h/s in violet, by air to Stellenbosch, fine condition (1 cover)R 120
PH / [O] / [E]South Africa - Union 1954 (25 III). POST OFFICES / SAVINGS BANKS / OFFICIALS / POSTAL HISTORY . Official pre-printed bilingual ON HER MAJESTY'S SERVICE/ OFFICIAL FREE/ SAVINGS BANK/ BLOEMFONTEIN window envelope with original pre-printed receipt of a deposit card (addressed on front) with oval SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT dated h/s in pink (on reverse), posted from BLOEMFONTEIN machine cancel to Stellenbosch, minor handling faults & natural staining from glue used in making up the envelope, otherwise fine, attractive & interesting (2 items)R 100
PH / [O] / [W]South Africa - Union 1943 (7 VI). OFFICIALS / POSTAL HISTORY / CONSERVATION . Official pre-printed bilingual O.H.M.S. envelope encouraging conservation - USE PAPER SPARINGLY, with crowned, boxed DIRECTOR-GENERAL OF SUPPLIES/ OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR OF CIVILIAN SUPPLIES/ OFFICIAL FREE/ BLOEMFONTEIN h/s in violet, addressed to Heilbron, superb condition (1 cover)R 150
**/*South Africa - Republic 1961-62. AIRCRAFT / DANCE / COMMEMORATIVES SG 220-21 . Aerial Post Anniversary & Volspele (Folk-dancing) complete in cylinder blocks of 4 superb LMM/UM (3 blocks)R 20
[W] / [P]South Africa - Union 1940-45 . WORLD WAR II / POSTAL HISTORY . Stampless cover inscribed "On Service" at top with a boxed DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE/ W.A.A.S.(apparently)/ OFFICIAL FREE/ h/s in violet (address on reverse says W.A.D.C. Camp), addressed to Teakworth, odd handling evident (1 cover)R 75
[W] / [P] / PmksSouth Africa - Union 1941 (12 Nov). WORLD WAR II / POSTAL HISTORY . Stampless cover inscribed "(On Active) Service" at top with a double-rimmed oval DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE/ S.A. MILITARY COLLEGE/ OFFICIAL FREE/ VOORTREKKERHOOGTE h/s struck in violet, to TEAKWORTH/ 14 NOV 41 arrival b/s, original 3 page letter enclosed expressing condolences on the loss of a family member, fine condition despite being somewhat carelessly opened at NW (1 cover)R 120
PH / PmkKenya Uganda & Tanganyika 19552-60. MILITARY / FIELD POST OFFICES / F.P.O.s / POSTMARK/S . British QEII 3d Wilding Definitive tied to plain cover by FIELD POST OFFICE/ (no) 1039 (year slugs unclear), proported to be used in Kenya during the Mau Mau uprising, neat & clean (1 cover)R 120
LMMNyasaland 1934-35. KING GEORGE V / DEFINITIVES / ANIMALS / CATS SG 121 . The 9d value from the Leopard set LMM, cat £6.50 (1 stamp)R 30
V / OBechuanaland, Protectorate 1945 (3 Dec). KING GEORGE VI / VICTORY / OMNIBUS / ERRORS/ VARIETIES SG 129-31 . The set in left marginal (part arrow) positional blocks of 4, the 1d value with variety - "Barbed Wire" (R9/6, listed in UHB & CW S4a) superb used, cat £15 (3 blocks)R 100
[W] / [C] / Ppc / PmksSouth West Africa 1914 (17.NOV). WORLD WAR I / FORTS & FORTIFICATIONS / MILITARY / POSTAL HISTORY . SA OCCUPATION: Picture postcard with 2 views - "Feste (fort) in Warmbad" & "Station Sandfontein" (aerial view), with an oval, saw-toothed OFFICIAL FREE/ NATAL CARBINEERS. h/s in violet (PREVIOUSLY UNRECORDED!) with oblong boxed POSTAGE FREE/ BASE (?)/ PASSED BY/ CENSOR h/s also in violet at left, overstruck by full ARMY BASE P.O./ (No) 4 d/c cds (Putzel No B1), minor handling eveident, not detracting from a VF & scarce item (1 postcard)R 1000
V / LMMSouth Africa - Union 1914-22. POSTAGE DUES / ERRORS/ VARIETIES CC PD4v . D.L.R. issue with UHB varieties; 3d single SG D4 with V1 - raised "d" ("d" is opposite point of 3, normally positioned below), plus a pair, 1st stamp with V4 - stubbed upper forepart of 3 (normal stamp has some shortish perfs not affecting var), both items VF LMM (2 items)R 150
V / OSouth Africa - Union 1922-26. POSTAGE DUES / ERRORS/ VARIETIES CC PD12v . Redrawn Issue, varieties; 1d SG D12 x 2 singles with UHB V14 - value misplaced down & to right respectively, both FU (2 stamps)R 75
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