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Discount rules
See also Terms of Business and Extended Credit Facilities and Methods of Payment and Methods of Dispatch and Abbreviations used and Auction terms
There are three possible discount types. PETRCENTAGE discounts are NOT cumulative and cost calculations in the payment pipeline will allways take the greatest applicable percentage discount. Where a voucher has been issued for an AMOUNT rather than a percentage, then this amount will be added to any applicable percentage discount. The discount is only applied to the total cost of philatelic items in your basket, and does not apply to any other items such as shipping, insurance or bank fees.
  • Special discount : Sometimes a blanket discount will be offered to all site visitors. When this is the case you will see a notice on top right of page stating the discount percentage.

  • Dealer discount : If you are a bulk buyer then you may negotiate a discount with Philatelic friends. This discount will only apply to you and will be displayed in your "My profile" block.

  • Voucher discount : You may receive a voucher via email or other means that contains a voucher code and expiry date. You can redeem a single voucher code in the payment pipeline before or on the expiry date. A voucher code can only be used once, after which it will be ignored! Vouchers can be for a percentage discount or an absolute amount. If it is for an amount, then this amount is added to any other applicable percentage discount(Unless discount amount exceeds basket items value). If it is a percentage discount then the system will not use voucher if a higher discount is already in effect.

Example 1 :You have a voucher which entitles you to a 15% discount, and you are also a dealer with a 20% discount. In this case your voucher is simply ignored as you will always be better off with your dealer discount. Rather give the voucher to a friend.
Example 2 :A special discount of 20% is displayed for all vistors, and you also have a voucher for a 25% discount. You can use your voucher and receive a 25% discount, or you can take the special discount and use the voucher at a later stage. NB: All vouchers have an expiry date. Make sure you redeem your voucher on or before it's expiry date.
Example 3 :You have two vouchers with a 25% discount on each. You use the voucher with the earlier expiry date and receive a 25% discount. You cannot enter two voucher codes! Your second unused voucher can still be used before it's expiry date.
Example 4 :You have a voucher with a R1000 discount absolute value, and a special discount of 20% is displayed for all vistors. You will receive the 20% discount PLUS the R1000 discount!.
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