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FAQ's : How to use our website?
Anyone can browse our website but to purchase, you must first of all register your details and choose a password that will allow you to logon at anytime to buy material, or to amend your profile. Once you have registered, you are ready to browse and purchase from the site.

Here are some simple steps to help you navigate your way around.

  1. On opening the website, insert your email address & password at the top right and click [GO].
  2. If after you have entered your email but you have forgotten your password, click on the "?" The system will automatically check & email your password to you.
  3. If any special or promotional discount applies, it will be displayed at the top right of the screen. The discount will be deducted as you proceed down the payment pipeline.
  4. To view material on offer, click on "Items for Sale."
  5. The lots are not displayed in any particular order, but show the last item uploaded at the top and in descending date order as they were uploaded.
  6. You may either do a simple SEARCH by choosing any option in the boxes provided. For example, if you want to see, put your cursor on the arrow at the right of the "Select a Country" box and a list of countries will appear in alphabetic order.
  7. To get to South Africa you can either scroll down to it, or just type "S", "So" or "Sou" and the list will scroll down to the list of countries beginning with the letter "S", or country closest to what you type. You can then scroll down or up easily.
  8. Then click the [GO] button at right.
  9. You may refine each search by selecting a Theme (e.g. Birds), a Category (e.g. Postal History) and/or a Region (e.g. British West Indies), then click the [GO] button at right.
  10. Your selected area will be displayed in reasonably good catalogue order and the number of lots available in that area will be displayed in the frame at the top of base of each page.
  11. You may also do an advanced search by clicking "Advanced Search" at top right of the page.
  12. Now view the items listed under your selected country, theme etc, by scrolling down.
  13. To view the next page, go to the bottom of the page (or back to the top) and click "Next".
  14. If after going to the next page, you want to return to the previous page, just click "Prev".
  15. The items will continue to follow (at 10 items) per page until you have seen everything in the selected area.
  16. You may select another area at any time during the process, or afterwards.
  17. If you see an item you like, you may view an enlarged image (or enlarged images). If the items says "images 2" (or more, as may be the case with postal history or varieties) you can click on the "images" link, or the image itself, and the enlarged image/s will appear in a separate window. When you are satisfied, close the window and you will return to the list of items again.
  18. If you would like to purchase an item, just below it click on "add to shopping cart".
  19. This will take the item & you to the shopping cart, showing you what you have put into it. If that is all you want to purchase, then go to point below.
  20. If you want browse further, or you want to put more items into your shopping cart, click "go back" and you will return to the list of items again, where you may continue to browse and select more items & "add to shopping cart".
  21. Once you have completed browsing, you will be able to see everything you have selected in your shopping cart and if you desire, you may remove anything by clicking "remove from shopping cart".
  22. You may stop shopping at any time and to return to the shopping cart to view your selection, just click "My Shopping Cart" at the right under "My Profile" and you will be taken there.
  23. If you are happy with what you have selected, then you may "proceed to checkout" by clicking this button at the top of the Shopping Cart window.
  24. The next window will allow you to check your address details as per your last registration (and amend them if required by clicking "Amend" at the top of the window). If you are satisfied with the details as recorded, click "Proceed with purchase" at the bottom of the window. (You may also click go back at any time if you want to return to the previous window/s.)
  25. This will bring you to the "shipping" window, where you may choose your preferred option. The cost for each option is displayed and all you need do is click the small button that suits you. (We recommend adding insurance, as mail theft is unfortunately a sad reality.) Once you have made a choice, click "Proceed with purchase" at the bottom of the window.
  26. (Please note: At the top of this window is a box where you will be able to enter a "Voucher number", if you are in possession of one. Vouchers may be supplied by application to us, usually granted for special discounts against substantial purchases, or where you may have a credit balance with us that you want deducted from your current purchase.)
  27. The next window is the "payment" window. Next to "Preferred payment method", click the arrow and the choices available will be displayed. Click your preference. If a discount (or voucher) applies to this purchase, it will be deducted on the virtual invoice.
  28. Check the virtual invoice and if you want to change anything previously selected (e.g. the method of shipping) click "go back" and amend. When you are satisfied, click the little box to the left of  "I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions,the Methods of Payment, & the Methods of Dispatch" (if you need more information on any of these topics, click the links and a separate window will display the information required. When you are satisfied, close this window and click "Proceed with purchase" at the bottom of the window.
  29. This will take you to the "confirm" window where the choices you have made will be finalised. (You may press "go back" if you need to amend anything.) Here your virtual invoice will be displayed again with a comment at the top of the window, which will vary depending on your chosen Method of Payment.
  30. If you chose Credit Card, you will automatically be taken to the secure website of the Virtual Card Services Company (VCS) that will process payment directly between yourself and our bankers. The information you supply is not visible to anyone other than VCS and is guaranteed 100% safe. We receive automatic notice of the purchase & proof of payment, which allows us to ship your order immediately. You will receive automatic confirmation of the transaction, payment and shipping as it is processed.
  31. If you have chosen any other Method of Payment, please send us notice and/or proof of payment that you make, so we are kept informed and we can dispatch your order as soon as possible.
  32. At any time after you have completed your purchase, you may login to our website and view or amend details as displayed under "My Profile" at the top right of the screen.
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