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FAQ's : Is there a market for stamps on cover, or on paper, or washed off paper?
Many people have accumulated stamps over the years from mail received in the post. Some are complete on the original envelopes, some cut the stamps from the envelopes and they are still stuck to small remaining pieces of paper, others have washed them off the paper.

If still on the trimmed paper, this is called kiloware and although we would be interested, it would depend on the weight. This is the lowest value material in the market because in many cases, the paper weighs more than the stamp and the stamps are only odds and ends and seldom are all the stamps in a set found on in normal mail. Only if there is sufficient weight (in kilograms) would it be worthwhile for us to consider purchasing.

There is no real purpose in washing the stamps off the pieces, as the work involved does not bring any worthwhile reward. The age of the stamp has very little impact. What may affect value is if the stamps are from RSA or from many different countries and if so, the period over which they were accumulated, whether they were mostly from ordinary mail, or airmail letters, or from registered letters, or larger postal items and parcels, which require higher or less common values. The mix may be important. Lots of regular local internal postal rates are very common and virtually unsaleable. Anyone who may be interested probably has these already.

If however, the stamps are still on the original envelopes and are intact, this could make a significant difference, as this now falls into the postal history arena and value can be significantly higher than on pieces, especially material before around 1960 and earlier.

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