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FAQ's : How can I sell my stamps?
This all depends on what you have to sell, as certain material is easy and some is difficult to dispose of. We are keen buyers of almost anything philatelic, but are not in the market for modern material, (i.e. issues from approximately 1960 onwards) except for major errors and varieties, or where significant earlier material is included in the collection. Our main interest is in better sets, singles, collections and postal history, with a selling value of at least R100 or more per item, and fine condition is of paramount importance.

There are various options:
  1. Direct sale: We prefer to buy material on an outright basis. Our offers are based on realistic market prices and if accepted, payment is up-front. This sets you free to utilize the funds immediately, rather than waiting months for the uncertain results of the other options below. This also allows us to break up the material however we choose, and offer it whenever it suits us, none of which will affect you or the price you receive.
  2. Commission sale: We dispose of the material on your behalf and earn a commission, which is negotiable and based on a percentage of the sale price.
  3. Private treaty: Similar to 2 above, but the selling price is set beforehand and is fixed.
  4. Auction: This method is a good option but usually takes time, from the moment the material is submitted, to when the seller receives payment. Typically, this method may take 3-6 months, but the result is uncertain and the eventual selling price is unknown. There is also no guarantee that the material will be sold, especially if any reserve price placed on the material is not met.
  5. Private sale: You advertise and sell the material yourself.
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