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** / CoilSouth Africa - Republic 1961 (31 May). DEFINITIVES / ALOES & SUCCULENTS / COILS SG 199b . 1c Aloe coil SACC 198b in complete proving/ control strip of 22 ex coils (sheets being 20 stamps long) VF UM & suitably folded, cat £33 (1 item)R 150
**New Zealand 1946. CHILDREN / HEALTH / CHARITY / COMMEMORATIVES SG 678-9 . Health "Soldier" issue in complete sheets of 120 with imprints, each sheet has 3 listed varieties (as per Campbell Paterson Catalogue, photocopy enclosed), VF UM & suitably folded with only a small portion of each sheet scanned, cat £36 (2 sheets)R 300
**New Zealand 1945-48. CHILDREN / HEALTH / CHARITY / COMMEMORATIVES SG 665-97 . Health issues for 1945, '46, '47 & '48 in matched blocks of 12 VF UM, cat £12 (8 blocks)R 60
[E] / p.stat / Pmks / DSouth Africa - Union to Great Britain 1937 (12 MCH). OFFICIALS / POSTAL HISTORY / POSTAL SERVICES / DOCTORS SG . Official bilingual buff envelope headed "The Union of South Africa." with HIGH COMMISSIONER/ UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA h/s struck at left, square OFFICIAL/ PAID cancel in red at top, with original official letterhead from SOUTH AFRICA HOUSE enclosed, (some light foxing) regarding the reservation of seating for the addressee "W.F. Wanneburg at Exeter College, Oxford.", neat & attractive (2 items)R 150
[X] / PmkSouth Africa - Union 1959 (8 X). POSTMARK/S / POSTAL HISTORY SG . Plain cover with ELLIOT DIVISIONAL COUNCIL oval imprint on backflap, bearing 1d Gnu single to East London, tied by a most unusual relief/ skeleton s/c cds (25mm diameter) reading CB (ELLIOT) RLS (maybe RLO?) with irregular positioning of date & time slugs (listed in Putzel's supplement as Type 8x & rated at 300 points), the only recorded specimen thus far! Superb & scarce (1 cover)R 150
[X] / PH / PmkSouth Africa - Union 1959 (25 10). POSTAL HISTORY / POSTMARK/S / ANTARCTIC/A & ARCTIC SG . Re-used "economy" envelope, originally posted with 1d Gnu single tied by EAST LONDON machine cancel to Kentani, 3d SANAE commemorative SG 178 affixed on top and cancelled by KENTANI/ 3 11/ 1960 relief/ skeleton s/c cds (24 mm diameter) with sender's company h/s applied at NW back to East London, unusual usage for this period, fine condition (1 cover)R 150
[X] / PH / PmkSouth Africa - Union 1960 (2 FE). ADVERTISING / CHILDREN / ANTARCTIC/A & ARCTIC / POSTAL HISTORY SG . Advertising cover with "Ugie Children's Homes and Orphanages" printed at NW, bearing 3d SANAE single tied by UGIE relief/ skeleton s/c cds (24mm diameter), to East London, only light minor handling evident (1 cover)R 150
[X] / PmkSouth Africa - Union 1957 (16-21.IX). MEDICAL / CINDERELLAS / POSTAL HISTORY / POSTMARK/S . Official illustrated cover - 41ST SA MEDICAL CONGRESS/ DURBAN (Reisener SC31a - lettering in black) with special Floral label (showing a Strelizia) with official CONGRESS cds, VF condition (1 cover)R 125
[X] / PmkSouth Africa - Union 1958 (24 III). ANTARCTIC/A & ARCTIC / WEATHER / POST OFFICES / POSTMARK/S SG . Special cancel issued for the temporary post office at MARION ISLAND during SA's participation in the International Geophysical Year (Reisener #119) on plain cover, plus a 2nd airmail cover but with special boxed bilingual MARION ISLAND registration h/s, both to same addressee in East London, VF condition (2 covers)R 100
Ppc / CindSouth Africa - Union 1958 (2 APR. CINDERELLAS / HEALTH / FLOWERS SG . Black & white picture postcard depicting flowers, bearing 1½d Medium Mines single with rouletted 1958 HELP CRIPPLES Easter label affixed alongside (contrary to regulations), both tied by large part cds, minor handling evident (1 item)R 75
[E] / D / RevSouth Africa - Union 1953 (20 XI). ADVERTISING / DOCUMENTS / BANKING / REVENUES SG . Advertising envelope from UNIT SECURITIES & TRUST CO/ OF SOUTH AFRICA LIMITED (logo printed at SW) with original contents which include an unpaid dividend cheque (dated 1st September 1948) from The Standard Bank of SA with embossed 1d Revenue in red, plus a letter on a company stationery with details relating to this stale cheque, minor aging does not detract from this most interesting item, (3 items)R 200
[X] / CindSouth Africa - Union 1954 (4 VI). CINDERELLAS / POSTAL HISTORY SG . Commercial cover from CAPE TOWN to East London with 2d meter/ advertising franking USE/ RELY PAINTS & multicoloured label affixed at SW - "RELY/ ALL PURPOSE/ ALL WEATHER/ The sign of Good Paint", neat & attractive (1 cover)R 150
Pmks / [A]South Africa - Union 1955 (20 VI). ANIMALS / POSTMARK/S / POSTAL HISTORY SG . Pair of 1d Gnus tied to cover by PORT ELIZABETH cds with no "97" at base, PORT ELIZABETH RADIO d/c cds at left (unlisted by Putzel & not seen by us previously), by air to Cape Town, vertical filing crease clear of adhesives not detracting unduly from a scarce cancel (1 cover)R 100
PH / [X] / CindSouth Africa - Union 1954 (3 IV). HEALTH / CINDERELLAS / COAT OF ARMS / FLAGS SG 149 . OFS Centenary 2d value plus 1954 Easter/ "a penny for CRIPPLES" rouletted label affixed below & both tied (contrary to regulations) by separate TWEESPRUIT cds's to Pretoria, VF & attractive (1 cover)R 150
[X] / CindSouth Africa - Union 1954 (1 XI). CINDERELLAS / POSTAL HISTORY / FLOWERS / COAT OF ARMS SG 149-50 . OFS Centenary commem set tied to cover by PORT ELIZABETH machine cancel to East London, with multicoloured VELD TRUST/ "Green Cross" perforated label at left (depicting Proteas, Disa Orchid etc, with Table Mountain in background), neat usage (1 cover)R 150
[X] / PmkSouth Africa - Union 1950 (JAN 10). VOORTREKKERS / TREK / MONUMENTS & STATUES / POSTMARK/S SG . 1½d Voortrekker commemorative single, tied to cover by KEIMOUTH s/c relief cancel (listed in PH addendum as #1W @ 300 points), the actual cover used to illustrate this scarce strike, VF (1 cover)R 150
PpcSouth Africa - Union 1952 (25 JAN). CHRISTIANITY / CATHEDRALS & CHURCHES SG . Postcard with picture of N.G. Kerk (Dutch Reformed Church), Hermanus at left, with pre-printed birthday message on reverse, bearing ½d Bok Screened Pictorial single tied by large part HERMANUS cds, to local member of the congregation, very minor handling does not spoil an attractive item (1 item)R 90
CindSouth Africa - Union 1952 (26 III). VAN RIEBEECK / STAMP COLLECTING / EXHIBITIONS / CINDERELLAS . A pair of se-tenant publicity labels (1 in English & 1 in Afrikaans) in blue & orange (perforated), issued for the SA TERCENTENARY STAMP EXHIBITION in Cape Town, fine UM but odd tone spot not detracting from appearence, an attractive & unusual addition to any specialised collection (1 pair)R 50
Cind / [X]South Africa - Union 1952 (10-VI). MARINE & MARINE LIFE / CINDERELLAS / ADVERTISING / POSTAL HISTORY SG . Van Riebeeck 2d tied by CAPE TOWN/ SAFE DRIVING SAVES LIVES bilingual slogan cancel to advertising envelope, with yellow, red & black imperforate label inscribed WHILLER'S/ OSLO NORWAY/ PEELED SHRIMPS affixed to reverse & tied by offset of cancel, very attractive (1 cover)R 150
[A] / Pmk / FDCSouth Africa - Union 1949 (2 V). SHIPS / SHIPPING / POSTAL HISTORY / POSTMARK/S SG 127 . Vertical pair of British Settlers 1½d pale claret shade (with additional 4d Roto & 6d Hyphenated Pictorial singles) tied by ALICE 1st day cancel to registered air cover to NAIROBI/ REGISTERED/ 4 MY/ 49 arrival b/s's (Pr 11), struck by 3 unframed single line h/s's - INSUFFICIENT ADDRESS (unrecorded), INCORRECTLY ADDRESSED (Pr I17) & R.T.S. (also unrecorded) in violet & inscribed R.L.O. in red m/s, large part NAIROBI/ R.L.O./ MY 11 s/c b/s (Pr D2, scarce - cat £30 on cover), another NAIROBI/ REGISTERED/ 11 MY/ 49 cds on front (similar to R11 but 27mm diameter & not recorded thus) to RETURNED L.O/ CAPE TOWN/ 14 VI 49 arrival b/s, a very interesting cover (1 cover)R 300
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