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Pmks / [A]South Africa - Union 1955 (20 VI). ANIMALS / POSTMARK/S / POSTAL HISTORY SG . Pair of 1d Gnus tied to cover by PORT ELIZABETH cds with no "97" at base, PORT ELIZABETH RADIO d/c cds at left (unlisted by Putzel & not seen by us previously), by air to Cape Town, vertical filing crease clear of adhesives not detracting unduly from a scarce cancel (1 cover)R 100
PH / [X] / CindSouth Africa - Union 1954 (3 IV). HEALTH / CINDERELLAS / COAT OF ARMS / FLAGS SG 149 . OFS Centenary 2d value plus 1954 Easter/ "a penny for CRIPPLES" rouletted label affixed below & both tied (contrary to regulations) by separate TWEESPRUIT cds's to Pretoria, VF & attractive (1 cover)R 150
[X] / CindSouth Africa - Union 1954 (1 XI). CINDERELLAS / POSTAL HISTORY / FLOWERS / COAT OF ARMS SG 149-50 . OFS Centenary commem set tied to cover by PORT ELIZABETH machine cancel to East London, with multicoloured VELD TRUST/ "Green Cross" perforated label at left (depicting Proteas, Disa Orchid etc, with Table Mountain in background), neat usage (1 cover)R 150
[X] / PmkSouth Africa - Union 1950 (JAN 10). VOORTREKKERS / TREK / MONUMENTS & STATUES / POSTMARK/S SG . 1½d Voortrekker commemorative single, tied to cover by KEIMOUTH s/c relief cancel (listed in PH addendum as #1W @ 300 points), the actual cover used to illustrate this scarce strike, VF (1 cover)R 150
PpcSouth Africa - Union 1952 (25 JAN). CHRISTIANITY / CATHEDRALS & CHURCHES SG . Postcard with picture of N.G. Kerk (Dutch Reformed Church), Hermanus at left, with pre-printed birthday message on reverse, bearing ½d Bok Screened Pictorial single tied by large part HERMANUS cds, to local member of the congregation, very minor handling does not spoil an attractive item (1 item)R 90
CindSouth Africa - Union 1952 (26 III). VAN RIEBEECK / STAMP COLLECTING / EXHIBITIONS / CINDERELLAS . A pair of se-tenant publicity labels (1 in English & 1 in Afrikaans) in blue & orange (perforated), issued for the SA TERCENTENARY STAMP EXHIBITION in Cape Town, fine UM but odd tone spot not detracting from appearence, an attractive & unusual addition to any specialised collection (1 pair)R 50
Cind / [X]South Africa - Union 1952 (10-VI). MARINE & MARINE LIFE / CINDERELLAS / ADVERTISING / POSTAL HISTORY SG . Van Riebeeck 2d tied by CAPE TOWN/ SAFE DRIVING SAVES LIVES bilingual slogan cancel to advertising envelope, with yellow, red & black imperforate label inscribed WHILLER'S/ OSLO NORWAY/ PEELED SHRIMPS affixed to reverse & tied by offset of cancel, very attractive (1 cover)R 150
[A] / Pmk / FDCSouth Africa - Union 1949 (2 V). SHIPS / SHIPPING / POSTAL HISTORY / POSTMARK/S SG 127 . Vertical pair of British Settlers 1½d pale claret shade (with additional 4d Roto & 6d Hyphenated Pictorial singles) tied by ALICE 1st day cancel to registered air cover to NAIROBI/ REGISTERED/ 4 MY/ 49 arrival b/s's (Pr 11), struck by 3 unframed single line h/s's - INSUFFICIENT ADDRESS (unrecorded), INCORRECTLY ADDRESSED (Pr I17) & R.T.S. (also unrecorded) in violet & inscribed R.L.O. in red m/s, large part NAIROBI/ R.L.O./ MY 11 s/c b/s (Pr D2, scarce - cat £30 on cover), another NAIROBI/ REGISTERED/ 11 MY/ 49 cds on front (similar to R11 but 27mm diameter & not recorded thus) to RETURNED L.O/ CAPE TOWN/ 14 VI 49 arrival b/s, a very interesting cover (1 cover)R 300
NO IMAGESau194711802[A] / PmksSouth Africa - Union 1947-54. DEFINITIVES / NATIVE CULTURE/LIFE SG 118 . Screened Pictorials: 4d brown pair, tied to registered flown cover by PRETORIA/ 4 MAR 53 cds (with 3 stars at base) plus oval bilingual PUBLICITY SECTION/ PRETORIA h/s in violet (Reisener T3 & S5 respectively) to WARMBATHS (T)/ 6 MAR 53 arrival b/s (PH #6), small corner tear at NE, 4d cat £10 as used pair, scarce postal usage (1 cover)R 150
**South Africa - Union 1943-53. COILS / ANIMALS SG 105 . Mono-coloured Coils: ½d complete vertical strip of 22 (fine screened, UHB R21) suitably folded for display VF UM, cat £35+ (11 x £3.25) as ordinary pairs (1 item)R 250
** / VSouth Africa - Union 1943-53. COILS / ANIMALS / ERRORS/ VARIETIES SG 105v . Mono-coloured Coils: ½d complete vertical strip of 22 (fine screened, UHB R21) with varieties (UHB V1) - line from buck's left ear to edge of circle plus (UHB V6) - large green dot between buck's face & left edge of circle, suitably folded for display, VF UM (1 item)R 350
** / VSouth Africa - Union 1943-53. COILS / ANIMALS / ERRORS/ VARIETIES SG 105v . Mono-coloured Coils: ½d complete vertical strip of 22 (fine screened, UHB R21) with variety (UHB V3) - line from left end of top bar past buck's nose repeated twice in last 5 stamps, suitably folded for display, VF UM (1 item)R 350
** / VSouth Africa - Union 1943-53. COILS / SHIPS / SHIPPING / ERRORS/ VARIETIES SG 106v . Mono-coloured Coils: 1d vertical pair (coarse screened ex UHB R24) with variety CW 39c - "blazing sun" (loss of definition) VF UM (1 pair)R 75
Quantity available 2Quantity required
ShipUnited States to South Africa - Pre-Union to Cape of Good Hope 1903 (15 Apr). SHIPS / SHIPPING / UNION CASTLE SHIPPING LINE / DOCUMENTS SG . Original shipping document (measuring approximately 340 x 270mm) inscribed THE AMERICAN AND AFRICAN STEAMSHIP LINE/ DONALD CURRIE & Co., LONDON./ NEW YORK TO CAPE COLONY, NATAL, DELAGOA BAY, MAURITIUS, ETC./ AFRICAN AGENCIES: THE UNION-CASTLE MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY, LTD. etc, printed at left in black, giving details of a shipment of merchandise ex NEW YORK & bound for Mossel Bay aboard the "Aros Castle", with Draft of Exchange documents & a list of contents on reverse. A most unusual document from a very popular collecting field, previously folded but still in surprisingly fine condition for a document over 100 years old. A very interesting item! The main document is scanned over 2 images. (2 items)R 300
OSouth Africa - Republic 1972 (22 March). POSTAGE DUES SG D80 . New Designs: The 10c value in block of 4 G/FU, SACC 68 cat R480, cat £30 (1 block)R 150
**South Africa - Republic 1972 (22 March). POSTAGE DUES SG D80 . New Designs: The 10c value in cylinder 446 B block of 4 VF UM, cat R400 (1 block)R 180
[X] / [R]South West Africa to South Africa - Union 1939 (15 NOV). COMMEMORATIVES / WINE / CHARITY / SUNSET COVER/S SG 111-3 . Huguenot Anniversary Commemoration Fund set in pairs on registered cover, tied by WALVIS BAY last day of issue cancels (Putzel No B12) plus boxed registration h/s, sent by rail via WINDHOEK.R.L.S.(Registered Letter Section)/ 18 XI 39 (Putzel no B55), DE AAR\STA (Railway Station)/ 22 NOV 39, QUEENSTOWN/ R.L.S./ 31 NOV 39 (all transit b/s's) to DOHNE/ 22 NOV 39 arrival b/s, stamps cat £38 in SG as used pairs only, an unusual cover (1 cover)R 350
Quantity available 2Quantity required
OSouth Africa - Republic 1972 (22 March). POSTAGE DUES SG D75-76 . New Designs: The 1c & 2c values in blocks of 4 FU, SACC 63-64 cat R200, cat £21 (2 blocks)R 100
PH / InsSouth Africa - Republic 1971 (8 IV). POSTAGE DUES / TAX / POSTAL SERVICES / POSTAL HISTORY SG . 2½c Groot Constantia defin tied by BOEGOEBERG cds on cover to Johannesburg, underfranked with "TAX 3c" in red m/s at top plus "T/3c" cicular tax h/s applied at SW, both markings subsequently deleted in blue m/s & (tax was apparently waived), adhesive overlapping & damaged at top on opening, still an interesting cover (1)R 100
**South Africa - Republic 1961 (31 May). POSTAGE DUES SG D58 . The 1st Republic issue, 10c value in block of 4 VF UM, SACC 55 cat R400, cat £11 (1 block)R 110
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