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OPalestine 1939 (8 Feb). AIRPORTS SG 97 Single 10m slate with VF d/c (JAFF)A AIR PORT cds (1)R 90
[X]South Africa - Union 1941 (7 IX). TANKS / ON ACTIVE SERVICE / O.A.S. / CENSORED MAIL Entire stampless cover inscribed "On Service" in pencil on top with JOHANNESBURG slogan cancel, (BAT)TALION POST OFFICE /6 9 1941 /S.A. TANK CORPS h/s in violet partly covered by bilingual OPENED BY CENSOR label, BERLIN (SA)/9 SEP 41 arrival b/s, 2 page letter enclosed from 5th AC Regt, Kafferskraal training camp mentioning difficulty getting used to the dust before entering the war, a little roughly opened at right (1 cover)R 60
[X] / [W]South Africa - Union 1942 (24 2). MINING / ON ACTIVE SERVICE / O.A.S. / WORLD WAR II Cover . Stampless cover inscribed "On Service" at top with TECHNICAL SERVICES CORPS /PREMIER MINE /PREMIER MYN / "T" DIENS KORPS boxed h/s in violet, gum from backflap has toned through the front but still a neat cover (1 cover)R 75
[X]South Africa - Union 1945±. RAF / ROYAL AIR FORCE / ON ACTIVE SERVICE / O.A.S. / AIR FORCES Cover . "On Service" cover with crowned PER ARDVA AD ASTRA logo on backflap, inscribed from "Officers Mess R.A.F. George", DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE/ OFFICIAL FREE/ Air School(?) boxed h/s at left, odd tone spots but otherwise fine (1 cover)R 90
[X]South Africa - Union 1946 (31 X). COAL / MINING / POSTAL HISTORY Cover . JOHANNESBURG KIMBERLEY COAL SYNDICATE pre-printed window envelope originally sent from JOHANNESBURG with ½d Springbok tied by machine cancel, re-directed to P.B. Baken Mill with GLENCAIRN/ 11 NOV 46 arrival cds, then re-used with 2d Bantam War Effort tied by CATHCART /18 NOV 46 d/c cds, some handling to be expected from a fine example of economy usage (1 cover)R 150
OGreat Britain 1894. RAIL / RAILWAYS / QUEEN VICTORIA SG 197 Single ½d vermilion with VF s/c ..AL NIGHT MAIL /_P 27 94 with part barred oval duplex, a neat copy (1)R 60
OGreat Britain 1932 (8 NOV). RAIL / RAILWAYS / KING GEORGE V SG 372 2½d blue with UP SPECIAL G / (T.)P.O. s/c cds, VF (1)R 70
Ade1911O157 & 17
OAden 1911-22. KING GEORGE V / FORERUNNERS / POST OFFICES SG 157 & 173 India ½a. green & 3a. dull orange used in Aden, each with a part of different ADEN pmks (2)R 100
[O] / [W]South Africa - Union 1943 (21 Dec). OHMS / O.H.M.S. / WORLD WAR II / POST OFFICES / OFFICIALS . Official bilingual OHMS envelope with a superb strike of NORTH END /PORT ELIZABETH 26mm d/c cds with a 3mm gap between "D" of END & "H" of ELIZABETH, UNLISTED by Putzel, with unframed NORTH END, P.E. h/s in violet at left, odd tone spots but nevertheless a useful item (1 cover)R 100
[O] / p.statSouth Africa - Union 1943 (23 Feb). OHMS / O.H.M.S. / OFFICIALS Cover . Official bilingual "On His majesty's Service" envelope with a VF strike MAQUASSI d/c cds & oval POST OFFICE - POSKANTOOR/ MAQUASSI h/s at left, fine & attractive (1 cover)R 150
[X]South Africa - Union 1943 (2 Oct). POST OFFICES / POSTMARK/S Cover . 1½ Large Mine ½d Springbok singles tied by IMVANI d/c cds, attractive & fine (1 cover)R 50
[X] / [W]South Africa - Union 1945 (31 Jul). POST OFFICES / WORLD WAR II / POSTAL HISTORY Cover . Re-used cover with 2d Bantam War Effort partly obscured by paper applied for economy use, with EASTPOORT cds to East London, neat (1 cover)R 100
[X] / [R] / PmkSouth Africa - Republic 1962 (27 APR). RAIL / RAILWAYS / POST OFFICES Cover . 2½c Volkspele tied by full strike of VERSTER/ STA (station) relief cds (type II with bar in lower half, Putzel No.3) a VF example of this cancel (1 cover)R 100
[X]South Africa - Republic 1963 (16 Sep). POST OFFICES Cover . 2½c Nursing commem tied by full ALICE relief type cds, (Putzel #19 rated 240 pts), a fine cover with a scarce cancel (1 cover)R 60
[X]South Africa - Union 1949 (15 AUG). POST OFFICES / POSTMARK/S PH #2 Cover . 1½ Medium Mine single tied by full BIG UMGAZI cds, a neat cover (1 cover)R 75
[X]South Africa - Republic 1963 (2 Aug). POST OFFICES PH #3 Cover 2½c Groot Constantia defin tied by full EXCELSIOR relief type cds (rated 320 pts) in VF condition (1 cover)R 80
BWorld 1894 2nd ed. Handbook & Catalogue of World Stamps (Young Collector Series) by W.T. Ogilvie (Late of the British Museum) publ by Swan Sonnenschein, 125 b/w illustrated pages with exchange rates to GBR £'s, water stain at bottom, edges and inside covers have tone spots, a lovely example of an early catalogue/handbook (1)R 90
BSouth Africa - Union 2001 Feb. CANNONS The Muzzle Loading Cannons of South Africa by G de Vries & Hall, self published, 148 b/w pages listing the 715 locations & extensive technical study of preservation of historic muzzle loading ordnance, A4 soft covered brand new in perfect condition (1)R 210
O / PmkZululand 1888-93. OVERPRINTS / QUEEN VICTORIA / POST OFFICES / POSTMARK/S SG 1 Single 1d vermilion ovp ZULULAND very lightly toned & thinned on rear bottom edge, with (ESH)OWE (Z)ULULAND/ A / _7 JY 93 VF large part s/c cds, the 4th & last type of pmk for the largest town/Post Office (No.5 in Postmarks of Zululand - Davis & Joseph) (1 stamp)R 150
O / PmkZululand 1888-93. OVERPRINTS / QUEEN VICTORIA / POST OFFICES / POSTMARK/S SG 1 Single 1d vermilion ovp ZULULAND with a VF central d/c (ME)LMOTH ZULULAND/JU 2 94 cds with Month, Day & Year slugs INVERTED, a superb copy & variety (pmk No.11 Postmarks of Zululand - Davis & Joseph) (1 stamp)R 320
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