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Pmk / OGreat Britain 1906. RAIL / RAILWAYS / POSTMARK/S / KING EDWARD 7th SG 219 Single 1d scarlet with CHESTER /10.30PM /JA 26 06 /STATION OFFICE large part squared circle pmk with 16 in the lower right square (1)R 75
Pmk / ORhodesia BSA Company 1909-12. COAT OF ARMS / OVERPRINTS SG 100 d green with part BATTLEFIE(LDS) MI(NE)/ S.RHODE(SIA)/ ? SEP.09 double outer-circle cds (Pr D2 State 1), an uncommon strike (1)R 90
Pmk / ORhodesia BSA Company 1909-12. COAT OF ARMS / OVERPRINTS SG 101c 1d deep-rose carmine, with large part ELDORADO M(INE)/ S.RHODESIA/ 11 MAY 1910 d/c cds (Pr D2), a scarce strike (1)R 150
p.stat / [R]Orange Free State to Cape of Good Hope 1884. RAIL / RAILWAYS / POSTMARK/S / TREES / BANKING Postcard/s 1d orange (Qu 1, HG 1), used by partial indistinct barred circular numeral cancel, from THE BANK OF AFRICA/ LIMITED/ FAURESMITH/ BRANCH oval h/s on reverse, addressed to "Bank of Africa, Grahamstown" with light strike of MIDLAND T.P.O./ DOWN s/c cds on reverse (in red, unusual thus), via NAAUPOORT/ CAPE COLONY/ JY 28/ 91 s/c cds to GRAHAMS/ TOWN/ JY 29/ 91 arrival s/c cds (both on front), minor aging hardly detracts (1)R 100
p.statOrange Free State 1892. COAT OF ARMS / OVERPRINTS 1d. ovpt on 3d blue with Arms ovpt below (Qu P9.1, HG 9) x 2, 1 with short/missing top right serif in "I" of BRIEF, superb unused (2)R 50
p.statOrange Free State 1893. COAT OF ARMS / OVERPRINTS 1d. ovpt on 2d violet with Arms ovpt below (Qu P9.2, HG 10) superb unused (1)R 50
p.statOrange Free State 1894. COAT OF ARMS / OVERPRINTS / BANKING Arms ovpt on d light red-brown, 5th printing - "R" in BRIEF with tail (Qu P7.5, HG 12, also with hollow stop after KAART.), dispatched from BETHLEHEM/ JY 3/ 94 s/c cds (PH No.6) with pre-printed message on rev from THE NATIONAL BANK, O.F.S., addressed to "The National Bank, Ficksburg.", a fine used example (1)R 150
[X] / PmkTristan Da Cunha to South Africa - Union 1946-48. KING GEORGE VI / ANIMALS Cover bearing strip of 3 x SA d Springboks SG 114 tied to cover by TRISTAN DA CUNHA Cachet Type VIII, SG C10 struck twice in violet to South Africa, a scarce cancel cat from 85, insignificant evidence of hinge mounting on reverse not detracting at all but mentioned just for accuracy (1)R 750
Cind / OTransvaal 1908. KING EDWARD 7th / CUSTOMS DUTY / OVERPRINTS BR 7A 3d black & green (SG 264) overprinted CUSTOMS/ DUTY in red G/FU, cat 25 in BR 2002 catalogue (1)R 200
PmkNorthern Rhodesia 1963. POSTAGE DUES SG D10 1/- green, FU by large part FORT ROSBERY/ 1 APR 64 cds, Pr D8, cat £21 (1)R 150
[E]Northern Rhodesia 1938 (29/9). KING GEORGE VI / DEFINITIVES / ANIMALS / WORLD WAR II Entire 1d carmine SG 29 tied to cover by indistinct KASAMA cds, (carelessly opened at left) addressed to Kawambua, with original letter enclosed, which refers to the looming war (Hitler threatened to mobilize his forces on 29th Sept) & the agreement reached on 30th Sept at 3am between "Chamberlain, Mussolini, The French President & Hitler" in Munich (Britain and France surrendered to Germany's demands concerning the Sudetenland, and signed the Munich Pact). A most interesting item of historical significance (2)R 200
[E] / PmkNorthern Rhodesia 1938 (4 NOV). KING GEORGE VI / DEFINITIVES / ANIMALS Entire 1d carmine SG 29 tied to cover by KASAMA cds, (Pr D6) to FORT ROSEBERY/6 NOV 1938 b/s (Pr D3, uncommon cancel), with original 2 page letter (personal, from wife to husband) enclosed, tear at base of envelope does not detract unduly (2)R 200
PmkNorthern Rhodesia 1953. QEII / QUEEN ELIZABETH / POSTMARK/S / RAIL / RAILWAYS . LUANSHYA - 2 different types: on 1953 Rhodes Centenary commems: (Pr D4) large part on 4d SG 57; (Pr D6) large part on 1/- SG 58, stamps alone cat 7.50 (2)R 90
p.statNorthern Rhodesia 1953. QEII / QUEEN ELIZABETH / ANIMALS HG FG3 Postal stationery airletter, 6d deep claret (same design as 1953 defins), suitably folded, superb unused (1)R 150
ShipGreat Britain 1900-40. PAQUEBOT / SHIPS / SHIPPING / KING GEORGE V / KING GEORGE VI Singles 3 different 1d adh with different PAQUEBOT & 1d brown KGVI on piece with framed PAQUEBOT /POSTED AT SEA cancellations, a neat lot (4)R 100
IND1931Shi202 &
ShipIndia to Kenya 1931-40. PAQUEBOT / KING GEORGE V SG 202 & 251 Singles 3x India adh all with VF part/full MOMBASA /PAQUEBOT d/c cds (Hoskins #2822 A*) all with year visible, a nice lot (3)R 75
OTasmania 1899-1900. HARBOURS / MOUNTAINS & CANYONS SG 230-1 1d bright lake with full s/c GLENORCHY /JY 12 05 /TASMANIA cds (Hobart suburb) with short perfs on top depicting Mount Wellington, & 2d deep violet Hobart harbour with almost full s/c LAUNCESTON /S SP 10 04 / P-R cds, a nice pair of pmks, cat £7.5 (2)R 60
BRB1881p.s1-2, 5
p.statBarbados 1881-1893. QUEEN VICTORIA HG 1-2, 5a-10 Postcard/s Lovely range in fine to VF condition, with 3x d & 3x 1d Postal Cards & 1x d & 1x 1d Reply Paid pair (8)R 320
[W]South Africa - Union 1942 (16-12). ON ACTIVE SERVICE / O.A.S. / WORLD WAR II / CENSORED MAIL / AIR FORCES Cover . Stampless cover inscribed "On Active Service" at top, with boxed purple AIR FORCE STATION h/s sent from 47 Air School Queenstown, BERLIN (SA)/18 DEC 1942 arrival b/s, a little roughly opened on top but still quite neat (1 cover)R 70
OPalestine 1939 (8 Feb). AIRPORTS SG 97 Single 10m slate with VF d/c (JAFF)A AIR PORT cds (1)R 90
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