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O / PmkZululand 1894-96. QUEEN VICTORIA / POST OFFICES / POSTMARK/S SG 21 Single 1d dull-mauve & carmine with a few pulled perfs & marks on rev with VF part of purple s/c (INGW)AVUMA cds (No.7 Davis & Joseph - Postmarks of Zululand) a scarcer pmk (1 stamp)R 220
O / PmkZululand 1894-96. QUEEN VICTORIA / POST OFFICES / POSTMARK/S SG 21 Single 1d dull-mauve & carmine with part of (LOW)ER UMFOLO(SI) s/c purple cds (No.10 Postmarks of Zululand - Davis & Joseph), despite a tone spot & short perf on top, a scarce pmk (1 stamp)R 120
O / PmkZululand 1894-96. QUEEN VICTORIA / POST OFFICES / POSTMARK/S SG 21 Single 1d dull-mauve & carmine with a large part central light VF d/c (NO)NDWENI ZU(LUL)AND/3 JU 96 cds (No.15 Davis/Joseph Postmarks of Zululand) very neat copy (1 stamp)R 240
F / ONorth Borneo 1895-97. POSTAGE DUES / FORGERIES / SAILING SG 74 8c black & dull purple, perf 15 with forged very light ovp POSTAGE DUE to appear as SG D63a, with large part s/c cds normal, cat £11 (1)R 90
Cind / **Bechuanaland, Protectorate 1964. HEALTH / MEDICAL / CHILDREN / CINDERELLAS Anti-Tuberculosis/ Christmas seal, issued by the B.A.P.T. (Bechuanaland Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis), in complete sheet of 50 superb UM (1 sheet)R 450
p.statBechuanaland, British 1894. QUEEN VICTORIA / OVERPRINTS HG 9 Postcard/s GB 1d + 1d (Reply-paid pair) ovpt BRITISH BECHUANALAND (BPT PC 11), fine unused, some mounting marks on rev of Reply-paid section, not detracting from appearance at all (1)R 90
PpcCanada 1906. INSURANCE / CARRIAGES / CARS Postcard/s (circa). 2 x colour ppc's of "Sun Life Building, Dominion Square, Montreal, P.Q." (with quiet street scene, horse-drawn carriage & motor car), 1 with inscription at top, text on rev in grey, 2nd with inscription at base & text on rev in pale blue, published by Valentine, Toronto & printed in USA, odd minor handling fault not detracting from VF cards (2)R 60
[X] / PmkBasutoland to South Africa - Union 1942. KING GEORGE VI / REPTILES / ADVERTISING / EDUCATION Cover bearing 1½d light blue SG 20, tied by QUTHING/ BASUTOLAND/ 30 OCT.42 d/c cds (Sc 4, Pr D7, PH 4) to envelope with "LELOALENG TECHNICAL INSTITUTION/ P.O. QUTHING, BASUTOLAND" printed at NW, minor tone spots do not detract from fine cover (1)R 150
[X] / PmkBasutoland to South Africa - Union 1951. KING GEORGE VI / REPTILES / BIRDS Cover 2d SG 21 tied by MOKHOTLONG/ BAS./ 27 X 51 d/c cds (Sc 4, Pr D8, PH 4), (Mokhotlong means "Place of the Bald Ibis"), some minor tone spots not detracting (1)R 150
[X] / PmkBasutoland to South Africa - Union 1957. QEII / QUEEN ELIZABETH / MISSIONARIES / RIVERS Cover from "SAINT GABRIEL - R.C.M. (Roman Catholic Mission)/ BASUTOLAND - SOUTH AFRICA/ P.O. QUTHING" oval h/s on rev in violet, with 1d 1954 defin SG 45 (ORANGE RIVER) tied by QUTHING/ BASUTOLAND/ 28 JUN 57 d/c cds (Sc 4, Pr D7, PH 4) to East London, VF condition (1)R 150
PmkBechuanaland, Protectorate 1964 (24 XI). BIRDS / GRASSES 1c & 2c values (ex 1961 Pictorial defin set) both with part/ large part KAZUNGULA d/c cds's (Pr D2) plus part boxed Post Office h/s's (in violet), apparently ex same postal item. This village on the banks of the Zambesi River is named after a grass type that naturally grows in the area. (2)R 60
PmkNigeria 1949 (7 De). POST OFFICES / U.P.U./ UNIVERSAL POSTAL UNION SG 64 Single 1d with superb full s/c OKITIPUPA/NIGERIA cds. (1)R 150
Cind 1947. DISNEY / CHRISTMAS Christmas Card (dated 1947 in pencil on rev), front showing full colour picture of Donald Duck (playing a flute) & Mickey Mouse (playing a bandolin) in village/snow scene, inside with Minnie Mouse bringing Xmas cake to Mickey, in lovely condition, quite delightful (1)R 100
B / WarWorld 1980. WORLD WAR II / HITLER / HOLOCAUST / THIRD REICH Reader's Digest Illustrated Story of WORLD WAR II in 2 hardcover volumes, pristine condition in original packing (2)R 250
AccUltra Violet Lamp 2006. Longwave hand-held portable battery (excluded) operated lamp, for detecting phosphor or fluorescent paper & phosphor bands - most countries excl Great Britain, highlights paper differences, forgeries, cleaned fiscals, repairs, etc. with a handy carrying pouch. Normal Retail @ R110 (£8) each. (1)R 60
Quantity available 49Quantity required
[A] / Pmk / AirWorld 1934-1948. HELICOPTER MAIL / FLIGHT COVERS / AIR FORCES / AUTOGRAPHED COVERS Collect'n of 28 covers from inauguration of 1st GB autogiro service flown on 1st UK aerial post route 8 May 1934 signed by passenger with spec. label no'd 1599, 1st Australia autogiro flight #1828 Nov 1934, 1st USA auto giro Eastern Airlines route 2001 for Philadelphia-Camden round trip 6th July 1939 both ways (2), 1st Sikorsky trip July 5th 1946, 1st Los Angeles Army Air force operated flt 8 July 1946, Chicago Oct 1 1946, New York Jan 6 1947, Mineola (NY) Jan 6 1947, 1st regular Los Angeles flts South Pasadena Oct 1 & Huntington Park Oct 16 1947, 1st international flt Gravenhage-Brussels 5th Nov 1947 & return on 6th, 1st Swedish flt for freeze up 10th Feb 1948 Stockholm to coastal islands, GB 1st experim't Sikorsky Peterborough covers to King's Lynn, Wells, Sheringham, Cromer, Norwich, Thetford, Harleston, Diss, & to Great Yarmouth, returning covers from Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Beccles, Norwich & Dereham all cacheted 1st June 1948, written up info & news cutting & maps of routes, all covers cacheted & photo of helicopter loading Royal mail in GB 1948 service, a superb lot, condition VF (28)R 7500
[X] / PmkSouth Africa - Union 1937 (MAY 12). KING GEORGE VI / CORONATION / OMNIBUS SG 71-75 Cover . The set in pairs complete on FDC, tied by SETLAGOLI cds's (PH #4 but with block between month & year slugs), this PO was in British Bechuanaland (district Mafeking & Vryburg) until annexation to the Cape in November 1895, neat, set used cat @ £10 (1)R 80
PpcItaly to South Africa - Republic 1973 (21 IX). POSTAGE DUES / MOUNTAINS & CANYONS / DAMS & BARRAGES Postcard/s in full colour of Lago Di Fedaia (Dam & mountain scene) bearing L40 defin, unframed "T" tax h/s in black but no postage due required on arrival, neat (1)R 30
Coil / ** / VRhodesia 1966 (Feb). ANIMALS / COILS / ERRORS/ VARIETIES SG 374v . Harrison Definitives: 1d Buffalo in horizontal strip of 5 ex coils, with coil join between stamps 2 & 3 (joins exist between every 12th stamp) 1st 2 stamps with VF & attractive COLOUR SHIFT, superb UM, a most unusual item (1 item)R 250
V / **Rhodesia 1974 (Aug). DEFINITIVES / ERRORS/ VARIETIES / BUTTERFLIES & MOTHS SG 507v $1 value (on brown gummmed paper) in 1A cylinder block of 4 (ex 2nd printing) SE corner stamp with damaged "IA" in RHODESIA, RSC 708a superb UM (1 block)R 200
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