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FDCSouth West Africa 1963 (31 V). BIRDS / SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SG 191 . 5c Flamingo tied to illustrated S.W.A. SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY/ ORTHINOLOGICAL CONGRESS cover, a fine thematic item (1 cover)R 75
PpcCanada 1940 (circa). BRIDGES / PICTURE POSTCARD/S CANADA: 1940 (circa) 3 x POST CARDS of MONTREAL BRIDGES, FINE UNUSED. Slight toning on the back otherwise fronts are beautiful and picturesque. All the cards are printed by Photogelatine Engraving Co.Limited, Ottawa. The Rustic Bridge, Lafontaine Park. The Honore Mercier Bridge, ville la Salle. New Harbour Bridge (3 post cards)R 50
[C] / [W]Algeria to Switzerland 1943 (26/1). POSTAL HISTORY / WORLD WAR II / CENSORED MAIL / RED CROSS . Cover addressed to the INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS COMMITTEE, bearing 3 adhesives of the period tied by AIN-SEFRA cancels with British OPENED BY/ EXAMINER 2046 censor seal at left, plus circular German A.X. censor h/s in red on reverse, VF condition. Note: Aïn Séfra is a municipality in Naâma Province, Algeria. (1 cover)R 100
Ppc / Pmks / RailCanada 1923 (MAY 8). RAIL / RAILWAYS / PICTURE POSTCARD/S SG 246a . View of MONTREAL - DOMINION SQUARE SHOWING WINDSOR STATION bearing a pair of 1c KGV defins tied by MONTREAL/ P.Q./ PLACE STAMP/ IN UPPER RIGHT/ HAND CORNER slogan cancel to England, odd handling fault but still attractive (1 post card)R 40
**South Africa - Republic 1972-4. DEFINITIVES / GOLD / MINING / COILS SG 315a . Republican 1st Definitives (Phosphor Paper, No wmk): 2c perf 14 single (ex coils) as SACC 327a but in blue & yellow shade VF UM, cat £11 (1 stamp)R 50
Pmk / OCeylon /Sri Lanka 1935 (6 May). KING GEORGE V / SILVER JUBILEE / POSTMARK/S SG 381 . 20c with superb JAFFNA/ 10 SE/ 35 cancel, VFU (1 stamp)R 30
** / P/PAustralia 1974-79. ART / PAINTINGS / DEFINITIVES / SHIPS / SHIPPING SG 577a . $10 "Coming South" in official presentation envelope, face value = R110, cat £12 (1 item)R 130
Quantity available 2Quantity required
**South Africa - Republic 1969. DEFINITIVES / BIRDS / ALOES & SUCCULENTS SG 276-7 Republican 1st Definitives (Redrawn - New designs): ½c Kingfisher in cylinder 264/265/266 A, B, C & D blocks of 6, 1c Aloe in cylinder 273/274 A, B, C & D blocks of 4 plus ½c in strip of 4 ex coils (SG 276a), SACC 281, 281a & 282 VF UM (9 items)R 70
Quantity available 2Quantity required
Cind / ORhodesia 1970 (18 MAR). U.P.U./ UNIVERSAL POSTAL UNION / POSTAL SERVICES . 1/- UPU International Reply Coupon issued at SALISBURY, in superb condition. (1 item)R 60
** / VSouth Africa - Republic 1963-7. DEFINITIVES / FLORA / ALOES & SUCCULENTS / ERRORS/ VARIETIES SG 227a First Republican Definitives (RSA watermark, Chalky paper): The 1c Aloe (wmk reversed, SACC 226a) in cylinder S33/S13 A & B blocks of 4 VF UM (2 blocks)R 24
**South Africa - Republic 1967-71. DEFINITIVES / GOLD / TREES / COILS SG 241-6(a) First Republican Definitives (RSA Téte-Béche watermark): The 2c, 5c & 10c values ex coils (on Swiss paper - flourescent on front) in singles complete VF UM (SG does not list these), SACC 264a, 267b & 269a, cat R100 (3 stamps)R 50
**South Africa - Republic 1967-71. DEFINITIVES / GOLD / TREES / COILS SG 241-6(a) First Republican Definitives (RSA Téte-Béche watermark): The 2c, 5c & 10c values ex coils (on Swiss paper - flourescent on front) in strips of 4 complete VF UM (SG does not list these), SACC 264a, 267b & 269a, cat R400 (3 items)R 200
**South Africa - Union 1933-48. DEFINITIVES / BUILDINGS SG 58a UNSCREENED PICTORIALS (SUID-AFRIKA hyphenated): 2d grey & dull purple shade in left marginal pair superb UM, SG cat £65 as LMM, SACC 58a, cat R1100 (1 pair)R 700
** / CoilSouth Africa - Republic 1961 (31 May). DEFINITIVES / BIRDS / ALOES & SUCCULENTS / COILS SG 198b-9b . ½c Kingfisher & 1c Aloe in complete proving/ control strips of 22 ex coils (sheets being 20 stamps long) VF UM, both suitably folded, SACC 197b & 198b cat (as singles) £60 (2 items)R 200
Quantity available 2Quantity required
[A]Great Britain to Kenya to South Africa - Republic 1974 (27 XI). AIRMAIL / CRASH COVERS/MAIL Airmail Commercial air mail cover posted from LONDON/ 27 XI 74 (date must be an error) carried by Lufthansa Flight 540 from Frankfurt via Kenya to South Africa, with bilingual unframed RETRIEVED FROM AIR CRASH ON 20/ NOVEMBER 1974 AT NAIROBI. h/s in pink, minor handling to be expected but still in VF condition, certainly more scarce than covers from Germany, includes useful background information (1 cover)R 500
[E] / [P]Isle of Man to Great Britain 1832 (20 July). PRE-STAMP COVERS / POSTMARK/S / POSTAL HISTORY . Entire written by Alex Douglas (dealing with a price settlement for land), posted from the town of Douglas (Douglas was one of the prominent Scottish families that settled in the I.O.M. and the source of the town name) with ISLE OF MAN circular h/s in black on reverse, endorsed "1/5" in black m/s, addressed to "Lawrence Davidson, Writer of the Signet, Edinburgh" with JUL/ 23/ 1832 arrival b/s in deep red. (Note: Writers to the Signet were a society of law agents corresponding to soloicitors in England.) Wax seal cut away but nevertheless a fine early cover (1 cover)R 450
Ppc / OGibraltar to South Africa - Union 1914 (7 AP). KING GEORGE V / POSTAL HISTORY SG 77 . 1d carmine tied to colour picture postcard by GIBRALTAR d/c cds, view - "The Convent and South Port Street." published by "V.B. Cumbo, Gibraltar.", sent to Natal, minor handling but still very attractive (1 postcard)R 175
**Isle of Man 1958-68. QEII / QUEEN ELIZABETH / DEFINITIVES SG 2a . REGIONAL ISSUES: 3d deep lilac (on chalky paper) single superb UM, cat £12 (1 stamp)R 65
Quantity available 2Quantity required
V / LMMIreland 1922 (Feb-July). KING GEORGE V / OVERPRINT ERRORS SG 8v . 9d agate single with under-inked & very light overprint, fine LMM, cat £13 as normal stamp (1 stamp)R 180
[A] / PmksGreat Britain 1978 (27 MAY). AIRCRAFT / AUTOGRAPHED COVERS / AIRPORTS Cover Autographed by Ian Senior (Leader No.3) of the Tiger Club Turbulent Formation Team, on an illustrated cover for the Bassingbourn Anglo-American Air Festival 27-28 May 1978 with a British Forces Postal Services special cds. B/s'd with red ROYAL AIR FORCE MUSEUM/HENDON h/s, & full details of team & flight, in very fine condition (1)R 120
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