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[A] / PmksGreat Britain 1978 (27 MAY). AIRCRAFT / AUTOGRAPHED COVERS / AIRPORTS Cover Autographed by Ian Senior (Leader No.3) of the Tiger Club Turbulent Formation Team, on an illustrated cover for the Bassingbourn Anglo-American Air Festival 27-28 May 1978 with a British Forces Postal Services special cds. B/s'd with red ROYAL AIR FORCE MUSEUM/HENDON h/s, & full details of team & flight, in very fine condition (1)R 120
[A]Great Britain 1983 (23 AUG). FLIGHT COVERS / AIRCRAFT / POSTAL SERVICES Cover First flight of 2 seat side-by-side Trago Mills trainer aerobatic aircraft, Autographed by Pilot Air Vice Marshal G Cairns, postmarked BRITISH FORCES POSTAL SERVICE/23 AUG 1983 & b/s'd red s/c BOMBER COMMAND MUSEUM/HENDON h/s, No'd 1701 of 2983 certified & issued. Illustrated & detailed flight test done. (1)R 150
LMMGibraltar 1938-51. KING GEORGE VI / DEFINITIVES / SHIPS / SHIPPING SG 122 . 1d yellow-brown (perf 14) single fine LMM, cat £29 (1 stamp)R 150
[X] / PH / PmkIsle of Man 1889 (MR 18). QUEEN VICTORIA / POSTAL HISTORY / POSTMARK/S SG 173 . GB QV 1d deep purple tied to cover by DOUGLAS/ ISLE OF MAN duplex cds with barred oval numeral no 407 alongside to local address, some faults but still a useful item (1 cover)R 120
Ppc / PmkIsle of Man 1904 (AU 14). KING EDWARD 7th / POSTAL HISTORY / POSTMARK/S / SHEEP SG 216 . GB KEVII ½d tied to picture postcard by DOUGLAS/ ISLE OF MAN duplex cancel with barred oval numeral no 407 alongside, addressed to the UK, view - SNAEFELL FROM SULBY GLEN, ISLE OF MAN (with herd of sheep), published by Raphael Tuck & Sons, odd minor fault but still most useful (1 postcard)R 75
Ppc / PmkIsle of Man 1904 (AU 20). KING EDWARD 7th / POSTAL HISTORY / POSTMARK/S / TRAMS SG 216 . GB KEVII ½d tied to picture postcard by DOUGLAS/ I-OF MAN d/c cds addressed to the UK, view - "Harris Promenade/ Douglas, I.O.M." with tram & horse-drawn cart etc, (publisher not shown), odd corner bends but still very attractive (1 postcard)R 60
Ppc / PmkIsle of Man 1905 (AU 14). KING EDWARD 7th / POSTAL HISTORY / POSTMARK/S / CASTLES SG 217 . GB KEVII ½d tied to picture postcard by DOUGLAS/ ISLE OF MAN d/c cds, addressed to the UK, view - DOUGLAS HEAD, ISLE OF MAN, publisher not shown, minor aging & stamp with missing corner, still quite presentable (1 postcard)R 75
Ppc / PmkIsle of Man 1905 (AU 13). KING EDWARD 7th / POSTAL HISTORY / POSTMARK/S / TRAMS SG 217 . GB KEVII ½d tied to picture postcard by DOUGLAS/ ISLE OF MAN d/c cds, addressed to the UK, full colour view - "Loch Promenade Douglas. I.of M." with trams etc (published by JWS), minor aging hardly detracting (1 postcard)R 100
Cind / BklSouth Africa - Union 1957. CHRISTMAS / BOOKLETS / HEALTH UH X30 . Christmas Seals are issued to raise funds for the SA Anti-Tuberculosis Fund: 6d booklet complete & glued at left, containing 1 pane of 6 x 1d labels (pane inverted in booklet) with binding margin at right, depicting "Jovial Father Christmas", superb unused (1 booklet)R 75
OHong Kong 1938-52. KING GEORGE VI / DEFINITIVES SG 162a . $10 Reddish violet & blue (on Chalky paper, 1947 issue) FU, lines of shading in front of King's eye are broken & not apparently due to surface rubbing, cat £65 (1 stamp)R 150
OJamaica 1883-97. SQUARED CIRCLE POSTMARKS / POST OFFICES SG 21a Single 3d pale olive green with a superb almost complete squared circle BLACK RIVER /C 21 AU 01 /JAMAICA pmk (1)R 150
V / **Kenya Uganda & Tanganyika 1941-42. ANIMALS / OVERPRINTS / ERRORS/ VARIETIES SG 154a . 70c on 1/- Gnus (Pictorial of SA overprint) pair, 2nd stamp with variety - "Crescent Moon", VF UM, cat £70 (1 pair)R 900
OHong Kong 1891 (1 Jan-Mar). QUEEN VICTORIA / DEFINITIVES / OVERPRINTS SG 48-49 . QV 20 cents ovpt on 30c yellowish-green & 50 cents on 48c dull purple G/FU, cat £17.5 (2)R 100
[W] / Pmks / PcGermany to South West Africa - German Occ. 1907 (17.5). WAR / POSTMARK/S / POSTAL HISTORY . Stampless postcard (view of "Kyritz Marketplatz") inscribed "Feld" at NW in black m/s, posted from KYRITZ to Otavi & redirected to SWAKOPMUND/ 30/06/ 07 arrival cds(Putzel A1) fine incoming item during the Hottentot Rebellion, fine condition (1 card)R 300
FFC / [A]Germany to Rhodesia 1981 (7.5). FLIGHT COVERS / AIRLINES . Official 1st Flight Card, Lufthansa German Airlines, Frankfurt-Salisbury, with special oval cancel, neat (1 card)R 150
OBechuanaland, Protectorate 1913-24. KING GEORGE V / OVERPRINTS SG 78 (wmk Simple Cypher) 2½d cobalt-blue single VFU, cat £27 (1 stamp)R 180
OKenya Uganda & Tanganyika 1922-27. KING GEORGE V / DEFINITIVES SG 88 . KENYA & UGANDA; 2s dull purple in pair VFU - large part NAIROBI/ KENYA/ 1 MR/ 33 cds's, cat £36 (1 pair)R 225
[X] / PmkKenya Uganda & Tanganyika to Zanzibar 1943 (10 MY). KING GEORGE VI / BIRDS SG 139b Cover 20c black & orange perf 13.25 x 13.75 on ordinary env tied by d/c KIMAMBA with thick bar in lower half cds, b/s Dar-es-Salaam on arrival 2 days later, some marks/tear/crease, but an attractive cover nevertheless (1)R 250
OCyprus 1912-15. KING GEORGE V / DEFINITIVES SG 81 9pi. brown & carmine (Wmk Multi-Crown CA) G/FU, cat £42 (1)R 150
p.stat / [A] / VSouth Africa - Union 1960 (May). AIRMAIL / ERRORS/ VARIETIES Qu A66e AIRLETTERS: Stampless type (as 6d Lion design) made for new 1/- rate to USA, Australia & the Far East, with English language 1st & curved cut flaps (unlisted thus, Quik only records this issue with Afrikaans 1st & angular cut flaps!) VF unused & scarce (1 cover)R 300
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