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Image Lot No. Cond. Description Price
**South West Africa 1980-89. ANIMALS / WILDLIFE / DEFINITIVES SG 349-63 . The set of 12 on phosphor paper (1c to R1) in singles SACC 358a-373a, VF UM (12 stamps)R 50
LMMSouth Africa - Union 1933-36. VOORTREKKERS / TREK / COMMEMORATIVES / WAGONS / BUILDINGS SG 50-53 Memorial Monument Fund set in pairs complete (wmks facing left) plus extra 1d pair (wmk facing right, clear shade) VF LMM, SACC 51-54 cat R250, cat £20 (5 pairs)R 175
OSouth West Africa 1962-66. BIRDS / FISH & FISHING / BUILDINGS / DEFINITIVES SG 186-91 . First Decimal Pictorial issue (No Watermark); The set complete (½c to 5c) with additional clear shade of the 2c value FU, SACC 199a-206a cat R135, cat £18 (7 stamps)R 100
Pmk / FDCSouthern Rhodesia 1947 (1 APR). KING GEORGE VI / ROYAL VISITS / POSTMARK/S SG 62-63 The set in on cover tied by VICTORIA FALLS cancels (Pr D6), some minor water stains at left hardly detract. (1 cover)R 30
FDC / VSouth Africa - Republic 1975 (11.9). POSTAL SERVICES / PHILATELY / EXHIBITIONS / ERRORS/ VARIETIES SG 385 . 4c Automatic Sorting commemorative on official FDC 2.8 with variety - special PAARL 75 Philatelic Exhibition cancellation, superb unaddressed. This stamp was launched while this exhibition was in progress & a very savvy collector took advantage of the opportunity to make what is a most legitimate variety. Superb unaddressed & previously unrecorded by us. (1 cover)R 150
FDC / VSouth Africa - Republic 1975 (18.6). ART / PAINTERS / PAINTINGS SG MS383 . Thomas Baines Centenary miniature sheet (with variety - MISSING PERF HOLE at right of BOTH 5c & 15c stamps) tied unusually at top & bottom to unofficial cachetted FDC, superb unaddressed. Note: Philatelic Services did not issue a separate cover for the m/sheet & refused to service m/sheets onto the unserviced official FDC no 2.6 envelope, as used for the issued set. Dealers acquired stock of the unserviced FDC 2.6, which were freely available (or printed their own designs), purchased cancelled m/sheets & affixed them to the covers. Original instructions were that the post office was not to tie m/sheets to any FDC's, but this rule was not adhered to in Durban (the only other place that the canceller was in use) & after much protest, Philatelic Services were forced to recind on their decision. Some dealers then submitted their FDC's back to Pretoria, where they were tied, but not everyone took advantage of the opportunity & many m/sheets exist on FDC's but mostly not tied. (1 cover)R 100
FDCSouth Africa - Republic 1965 (21 X). CHRISTIANITY / RELIGION / COMMEMORATIVES SG 260-61 . Tercentenary of the Dutch Reformed Church, official FDC (No.2) insert with text in blue on cream coloured board ex 2nd printing (Note: the 1st printing had the text in black, which is far scarcer, but the blue insert also is known on white board, which we have only seen once), fine condition (1 cover)R 55
FDC / VSouth Africa - Republic 1965 (21 X). CHRISTIANITY / RELIGION / COMMEMORATIVES SG 260-61 . Tercentenary of the Dutch Reformed Church, official FDC (No.2) insert with TEXT IN BLACK ex 1st printing (Note: there were only 12,000 of these originally printed. The far larger 2nd printing was made to supply members of DRC congregations, but the insert text in blue), registered to SOEKMEKAAR (b/s on arrival), VF & scarce (2 items)R 200
FDC / VSouth Africa - Republic 1975 (10.10). LANGUAGES / MONUMENTS & STATUES / POSTMARK/S / ERRORS/ VARIETIES SG 386-87 . Inauguration of Afrikaans Language Monument FDC 2.9 with with variety - PAARL-HUGUENOT/ AFRIKAANS/ DIT IS/ ONS ERNS slogan cancellation on day of issue. This cancellation was officially used on the earlier associated 4c Genootskap van Regte Afrikaaners FDC (no 2.7A) making this is a very fine addition to any specialised FDC collection. Superb unaddressed & previously unrecorded by us. (1 cover)R 100
V / **Rhodesia 1978 (Mar). TRADE & INDUSTRY / ERRORS/ VARIETIES SG 553v Trade Fair 4c value NE corner block of 4, 3rd stamp with "CRACK" IN SPIRE variety, RSC C177a superb UM (1 block)R 75
LMMSouth Africa - Union 1933-48. DEFINITIVES / ANIMALS SG 62v UNSCREENED PICTORIALS (SUID-AFRIKA hyphenated): 1/- pair CC 61 in sepia & chalky-blue shade (ex Issue 3) VF LMM, cat £55 (1 pair)R 400
V / OSouth Africa - Union 1933-48. DEFINITIVES / MINING / ERRORS/ VARIETIES SG 57bwv UNSCREENED PICTORIALS (SUID-AFRIKA hyphenated): 1½d Mines pair (shiny gold, wmk inverted) with variety "BROKEN CHIMNEY & FAINT HEADGEAR" (UHB V2 - R11/6) VFU - REGISTERED/ 3 JUN 37 d/c cds over "BROKEN CHIMNEY but still quite noticeable, FAINT HEADGEAR well clear of cds, cat R500 as LMM, far more difficult to find FU (1 pair)R 300
OSouth Africa - Union 1914-22. POSTAGE DUES SG D5 . The D.L.R. 5d G/FU, SACC cat R600, cat £38 (1 stamp)R 240
FDC / VSouth Africa - Republic 1977 (23 V). BUILDINGS / JUSTICE / COMMEMORATIVES / ERRORS/ VARIETIES SG 413 . Centenary of Transvaal Supreme Court 4c on official FDC 2.23 with variety - cancelled in PRETORIA/ 23 V 77 (the actual FDC was cancelled 18/05/77), the later date being the Centenary of the 1st session (as per printed insert), VF unaddressed (1 cover)R 50
OSouth Africa - Union 1945-7. DEFINITIVES / BUILDINGS SG 107a-b . 2d Union Buildings (screened centres): Slate & deep lilac shade plus bright violet shade (ex Issues 6-12) in pairs FU, cat £16 (2 pairs)R 100
**South Africa - Union 1950-58. POSTAGE DUES CC D40 . Hyphenated issue: 3d value in block of 12 VF UM (SG D41, cat £54), cat R1020 (1 block)R 300
LMMPatiala - Ind. Conv. State 1941-46. KING GEORGE VI / DEFINITIVES / OVERPRINTS SG 102 . 1R grey & red-brown VF LMM, cat £14 (1 stamp)R 80
**South Africa - Republic 1961-3. BIRDS / FLORA / FOOD / SHIPS / SHIPPING SG 211-19 . Republic Definitive Series (No watermark); The set complete including all 6 listed shades as per SACC including 2½c on green toned paper (excluding only 10c emerald green) superb UM, SACC 210-218, cat R600 (15 stamps)R 360
p.stat / [X]South Africa - Union 1934 (5 Apr). SHIPS / SHIPPING Qu L5 . LETTER CARDS: 1d carmine on cream (H&G A5/ UHB PL5) VF unused (1 item)R 100
OSouth Africa - Republic 1961 (31 May). BIRDS / FLORA / FOOD / SHIPS / SHIPPING SG 198-210 . First Republic Definitive series (on Arms watermark): The complete set including all 3 x ½c, 1c & 2½c shades/ coils as per SG & SACC listings VFU, SACC 197-209, cat £11 (19 stamps )R 50
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