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PH / FDCItaly 1972 (14 II). SCOUTS /ING / PARACHUTING / POSTAL HISTORY . Group of 5 illustrated covers & cards all with special cancels & h/s's etc, issued to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Modena Scouting Club, including one cover with "The National Parachuting Association of Italy" cachet in violet (apparently delivered by parachute) addressed to BARTOLOMEO GIBERTI, signed by him & various others (parachute team?), this cover contains information about the anniversary, a letter (translated into English) from Mr. Giberti to a SA Scout, plus a covering letter passing it on, an unusual assembly in fine condition (8 items)R 200
**Rhodesia 1970 (circa). ANIMALS / WILDLIFE / LIONS / ELEPHANTS . Complete sheetlet of 10 different designs se-tenant & rouletted in between in full colour showing various Animals, each headed "KGVI helps handicapped children" issued by the "Society for the Blind and Physically Handicapped", in VF condition. (Note: All attempts to obtain information about these has proved fruitless.) Attractive & interesting. (1 block)R 150
[X]Basutoland 1942 (20 OCT). KING GEORGE VI / DEFINITIVES / HOTELS / POSTAL HISTORY SG 20 . KGVI 1½d Crocodile defin on envelope, with "Villa Maria/ P.O. QUTHING/ BASUTOLAND. S.A." printed at left in brown, tied by QUTHING/ BASUTOLAND cds to South Africa, a very attractive advertising cover (1 cover)R 250
[W] / [C]South Africa - Union 1942 (22 IX). WORLD WAR II / AIR FORCES / CENSORED MAIL / HOTELS SG 99 . Bantam War Effort 1½d on an envelope with "BAY VIEW HOTEL, Hermanus" printed at left, tied by HERMANUS cds to Cape Town, bilingual OPENED BY CENSOR label in red on white at left, tied to rverese by Coat-of-Arms censor h/s (letter A at foot) in bright violet, some minor handling but still attractive (1 cover)R 75
** / VSouth West Africa 1959 (18 May). POSTAGE DUES / ERRORS/ VARIETIES SG D52v . The 1d (Springbok wmk) single with variety - value misplaced to top left & touching the oval, VF UM (1 stamp)R 40
** / VSouth West Africa 1959 (18 May). POSTAGE DUES / ERRORS/ VARIETIES SG D52v . The 1d (Springbok wmk) in a block of 4 with variety - value misplaced to left & touching the oval, VF UM (1 block)R 150
** / Coil / VSouth Africa - Republic 1961 (31 May). DEFINITIVES / BIRDS / COILS / ERRORS/ VARIETIES SG 198bv . ½c Kingfisher coil in a horizontal strip of 6 (ex Roll no. 10) with 2 constant varieties - vertical mark in bottom margin below CA of AFRICA (stamp no.22, a 22 row registration mark) plus blue smudge in bottom right corner (stamp no.2) superb UM, cat as normal stamps R60 but varieties in coil form are seldom seen (1 item)R 100
**South West Africa 1961 (14 Feb). POSTAGE DUES SG D57-62 . The 1961 Decimal Currency set VF UM, SG cat £7.50, SACC 56-61, cat R110 (6 stamps)R 45
OSouth Africa - Union 1933-48. DEFINITIVES / ANIMALS SG 62 UNSCREENED PICTORIALS (SUID-AFRIKA hyphenated): 1/- pair in brown & grey-blue shade (UHB Issue 3, SACC 61) FU, cat £18 (1 pair)R 75
**South Africa - Union 1947-54. DEFINITIVES / ANIMALS SG 114c . Screened Pictorials: ½d cylinders 11A & 11B blocks of 6 (ex Issue 21) superb UM & underrated, cat £12 as normal pairs (2 blocks)R 200
[S] / [A] / PpcMozambique to Italy 1955 (22..8). SHIPS / SHIPPING / MAPS . Official LLOYD TRIESTINO picture postcard of M/S "EUROPA", with 2 values of Mozambique Maps set tied by CORREIO AEREO/ BEIRA cds with POR AVIAO/ BY AIR MAIL h/s in violet, sent to Johannesburg SA, minor handling not detracting from a most attractive item (1 postcard)R 130
[R] / PmkSouth Africa - Union 1934 (25 MAY). RAIL / RAILWAYS / POSTAL HISTORY SG 43 . 1d Pretoria Roto block of 4 tied to cover by S.A.R. PARCELS/ STELLENBOSCH oval (Railway) cancels, with CAPE TOWN (same day) arrival cds, a bit carelessly opened at top & odd handling bend but still quite useful (1 cover)R 140
Ppc / ShipGreat Britain 1909 (circa). NAVY / SHIPS / SHIPPING . Colour picture postcard depicting H.M.S. "Trafalgar" at sea, publisher unknown but printed in Germany, VF condition includes a page of background information, an attractive item (1 postcard)R 75
ORhodesia 1970-73. POSTAGE DUES SG D18-22 . Decimal set complete FU, cat £10.50 (5 stamps)R 75
[O]South Africa - Republic to Great Britain 1961 (18-IX). OHMS / O.H.M.S. / OFFICIALS / POSTAL HISTORY . Official cover headed ON HER MAJESTY'S SERVICE with "From/ United Kingdom Trade Commissioner, Cape Town" at SW & official crest on backflap, 2½c Groot Constantia defin tied by CAPE TOWN/ WIPE POLIO OUT bilingual slogan cancel, addressed to the Traffic Dept, Cape Town. Interesting in that postage was required despite the official usage, a neat item (1 cover)R 180
[O] / [P]South Africa - Republic to Great Britain 1985 (3-VI). OFFICIALS / POSTAL HISTORY / DIPLOMATIC MAIL . Official envelope with British crest on backflap, with oval BRITISH EMBASSY/ CAPE TOWN/ 3 JUN 1985 h/s at NE, addressed to the Traffic Manager, Cape Town. Stampless as postage was not required, an interesting modern postal history item (1 cover)R 130
FDCGreat Britain 1965 (13 SP). AIRCRAFT / WORLD WAR II SG 671-78 . Battle of Britain set (ordinary) on neat official GPO FDC, neat typed address, cat £25 (1 cover)R 150
O / PmkRhodesia BSA Company 1910-13. DOUBLE HEADS / POSTMARK/S SG 170 . (PERF 15); 1d carmine single FU (cat £8.50) with large part BUSH TICK/ 18.MAY.1912 cds's (Proud D2), a useful cancel (1 stamp)R 150
V / **South Africa - Republic 1966 (31 May). ANNIVERSARY/ANNIVERSARIES / BIRDS / ERRORS/ VARIETIES SG 263v . 5th Anniversary of RSA, 2½c vertical pair, with deep blue colour shifted down causing "split head" varieties (shift also visible in broken bottom frame line, with normal for comparison), VF & superb UM (2 pairs)R 100
PSouthern Rhodesia 1940. KING GEORGE VI / COMMEMORATIVES / PROOFS SG 53-56p . PRINTER'S PROOFS of BSA Company Golden Jubilee values to 2d complete in imperf & perforated singles (2 of the latter are marginal copies) plus an imperf single of 1½d frame plate only, condition as usual for this type of material with security punch-holes, an attractive group, cat R5150 (9 proofs)R 1750
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