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** / Coil / VSouth Africa - Republic 1961 (31 May). DEFINITIVES / BIRDS / COILS / ERRORS/ VARIETIES SG 198bv . ½c Kingfisher coil in a horizontal strip of 6 (ex Roll no. 10) with 2 constant varieties - vertical mark in bottom margin below CA of AFRICA (stamp no.22, a 22 row registration mark) plus blue smudge in bottom right corner (stamp no.2) superb UM, cat as normal stamps R60 but varieties in coil form are seldom seen (1 item)R 100
**South West Africa 1961 (14 Feb). POSTAGE DUES SG D57-62 . The 1961 Decimal Currency set VF UM, SG cat £7.50, SACC 56-61, cat R110 (6 stamps)R 45
OSouth Africa - Union 1933-48. DEFINITIVES / ANIMALS SG 62 UNSCREENED PICTORIALS (SUID-AFRIKA hyphenated): 1/- pair in brown & grey-blue shade (UHB Issue 3, SACC 61) FU, cat £18 (1 pair)R 75
**South Africa - Union 1947-54. DEFINITIVES / ANIMALS SG 114c . Screened Pictorials: ½d cylinders 11A & 11B blocks of 6 (ex Issue 21) superb UM & underrated, cat £12 as normal pairs (2 blocks)R 200
[S] / [A] / PpcMozambique to Italy 1955 (22..8). SHIPS / SHIPPING / MAPS . Official LLOYD TRIESTINO picture postcard of M/S "EUROPA", with 2 values of Mozambique Maps set tied by CORREIO AEREO/ BEIRA cds with POR AVIAO/ BY AIR MAIL h/s in violet, sent to Johannesburg SA, minor handling not detracting from a most attractive item (1 postcard)R 130
[R] / PmkSouth Africa - Union 1934 (25 MAY). RAIL / RAILWAYS / POSTAL HISTORY SG 43 . 1d Pretoria Roto block of 4 tied to cover by S.A.R. PARCELS/ STELLENBOSCH oval (Railway) cancels, with CAPE TOWN (same day) arrival cds, a bit carelessly opened at top & odd handling bend but still quite useful (1 cover)R 140
Ppc / ShipGreat Britain 1909 (circa). NAVY / SHIPS / SHIPPING . Colour picture postcard depicting H.M.S. "Trafalgar" at sea, publisher unknown but printed in Germany, VF condition includes a page of background information, an attractive item (1 postcard)R 75
ORhodesia 1970-73. POSTAGE DUES SG D18-22 . Decimal set complete FU, cat £10.50 (5 stamps)R 75
[O]South Africa - Republic to Great Britain 1961 (18-IX). OHMS / O.H.M.S. / OFFICIALS / POSTAL HISTORY . Official cover headed ON HER MAJESTY'S SERVICE with "From/ United Kingdom Trade Commissioner, Cape Town" at SW & official crest on backflap, 2½c Groot Constantia defin tied by CAPE TOWN/ WIPE POLIO OUT bilingual slogan cancel, addressed to the Traffic Dept, Cape Town. Interesting in that postage was required despite the official usage, a neat item (1 cover)R 180
[O] / [P]South Africa - Republic to Great Britain 1985 (3-VI). OFFICIALS / POSTAL HISTORY / DIPLOMATIC MAIL . Official envelope with British crest on backflap, with oval BRITISH EMBASSY/ CAPE TOWN/ 3 JUN 1985 h/s at NE, addressed to the Traffic Manager, Cape Town. Stampless as postage was not required, an interesting modern postal history item (1 cover)R 130
FDCGreat Britain 1965 (13 SP). AIRCRAFT / WORLD WAR II SG 671-78 . Battle of Britain set (ordinary) on neat official GPO FDC, neat typed address, cat £25 (1 cover)R 150
O / PmkRhodesia BSA Company 1910-13. DOUBLE HEADS / POSTMARK/S SG 170 . (PERF 15); 1d carmine single FU (cat £8.50) with large part BUSH TICK/ 18.MAY.1912 cds's (Proud D2), a useful cancel (1 stamp)R 150
V / **South Africa - Republic 1966 (31 May). ANNIVERSARY/ANNIVERSARIES / BIRDS / ERRORS/ VARIETIES SG 263v . 5th Anniversary of RSA, 2½c vertical pair, with deep blue colour shifted down causing "split head" varieties (shift also visible in broken bottom frame line, with normal for comparison), VF & superb UM (2 pairs)R 100
PSouthern Rhodesia 1940. KING GEORGE VI / COMMEMORATIVES / PROOFS SG 53-56p . PRINTER'S PROOFS of BSA Company Golden Jubilee values to 2d complete in imperf & perforated singles (2 of the latter are marginal copies) plus an imperf single of 1½d frame plate only, condition as usual for this type of material with security punch-holes, an attractive group, cat R5150 (9 proofs)R 1750
PSouthern Rhodesia 1924. KING GEORGE V / DEFINITIVES / PROOFS SG 1p . ADMIRALS: Printer's Proof of ½d value complete (as issued) in matched SE corner marginal blocks of with security punch-holes, condition as usual for this type of material, an attractive item (1 block)R 800
PSouthern Rhodesia 1924. KING GEORGE V / DEFINITIVES / PROOFS SG 2p . ADMIRALS: Printer's Proof of 1d value (complete as issued) in bottom marginal block of 6 with full imprint & security punch-holes, condition as usual for this type of material, a VF piece (1 block)R 1200
PSouthern Rhodesia 1924. KING GEORGE V / DEFINITIVES / PROOFS SG 6p . ADMIRALS: Printer's Proof of 4d value complete (as issued) plus vignettes only (imperforate) both in blocks of 4 with security punch-holes, condition as usual for this type of material, a VF combination (2 blocks)R 1500
PSouthern Rhodesia 1924. KING GEORGE V / DEFINITIVES / PROOFS SG 11p . ADMIRALS: Printer's Proof of 1/6d value complete as issued in block of 4, plus vignettes only in right marginal block of 4 (completely imperforate), both with security punch-holes, condition as usual for this type of material, a VF combination (2 blocks)R 1600
[X] / PmksSouth West Africa to South Africa - Union 1954 (9 XII). POSTAL SERVICES / POSTAL HISTORY SG 76 . 2d 1931 Pictorial single tied to cover by MARIENTAL cds (Putzel No.B7), addressed to Kubusie but delivered in error to KUB/ 10 DEC 54 arrival b/s (Putzel No.B5, a scarce cancel), inscribed "Unknown at Kub/ Try Burmeister & Co./ Cape Town", redirected from CAPE TOWN/ REPOSTED/ 17 DEC 54 b/s to PAARDENEILAND/ 18 XII 54 arrival cds, again redirected to "Kubusie via Stutterheim" & finally redirected to "EAST LONDON", superb condition for a well travelled & handled cover (1 cover)R 250
[O] / p.stat / OSouth West Africa 1929 (11 DEC). OHMS / O.H.M.S. / POSTAL SERVICES / POSTAL HISTORY / OFFICIALS SG O9-11 . Pairs of ½d, 1d & 2d 1929 (Aug) Officials on bilingual, pre-printed (in black on blue) official envelope headed "O.H.M.S./ Department of Posts and Telegraphs."/ R.L.O." (Returned Letter Office), posted from WINDHOEK to Pretoria, (SACC O9-11 cat R670/ SG cat £45 as used pairs & rated from x 15 on cover!), a most attractive & scarce item (1 cover)R 750
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