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[X] / PmkSouth Africa - Union 1931 (FEB 7). DIAMONDS / MINING SG . 1d Ship single on PREMIER (TRANSVAAL) DIAMOND MINING Co. Ld. envelope (imprint on backflap) tied by bilingual JOHANNESBURG/ BUY UNION LOAN CERTIFICATES slogan cancel (2nd language in High Dutch, Vermaak type 5.5), addressed to the South African Reserve bank, Pretoria, odd faint tone spot does not detract from a very attractive cover (1 cover)R 150
Pmks / [A]Rhodesia to South Africa - Republic 1974 (30 MAY). . 4c 1970 defin tied to cover by SALISBURY cds, with special circular FIFTY YEARS OF PARLIAMENTARY GOVERNMENT cachet in violet at left, by air to South Africa, neat (1 cover)R 75
PpcSouth Africa - Union 1910-28. FLAGS / SHIPS / SHIPPING . Full-colour postcard showing the South African Blue Ensign flag, which was one of 2 de facto national flags of the Union of SA until the acceptance of the "Prinsevlag" design in 1928. (Note: The other was similar, but with a red background & was more often used as such. The Blue Ensign was rarely seen in SA but was used occasionally on overseas offices representing the Union.) This card is inscribed A MILTON "TOPICAL SERIES" NO.19. WOOLSTONE BROS. LONDON, E.C. with some text re: THE UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA. Has an address & message dated 15/12/14 but not posted. In VF condition & a most useful item for a Union specialist or as a frontispiece for a Union collection. 5 pages of information accompanies this interesting lot. (1 postcard)R 300
Pmks / [A]Rhodesia to South Africa - Republic 1974 (30 MAY). SG 484 . 1974 Responsible Government 2½c on cachetted cover - "Golden Jubilee of Parliament in Rhodesia", tied by SALISBURY cds, with special circular FIFTY YEARS OF PARLIAMENTARY GOVERNMENT cachet in black at left, superb unaddressed (1 cover)R 150
[R] / [A] / PmksRhodesia & Nyasaland to Southern Rhodesia 1957 (17 JUL). QEII / QUEEN ELIZABETH / ROYAL VISITS / RAIL / RAILWAYS / POSTAL HISTORY SG 4 . Illustrated (Aircraft over Map) cover bearing 3d single(ex 1954 defins) tied by special oval ROYAL VISIT/ RHODESIA & NYASALAND/ 2-17 JULY 1957 cancel (in use on the Royal Train as it toured the territory), to SALISBURY (no)9/ S.RHODESIA arrival cds, attractive (1 cover)R 150
[S] / Ppc / OMozambique to South Africa - Union 1958 (25.9). UNION CASTLE SHIPPING LINE / POSTAL HISTORY / MAPS / SHIPS / SHIPPING . Official UNION-CASTLE LINE postcard with view of "BRAEMAR CASTLE" in sepia-black, with 50s Map SG 498 (missing NE corner) tied by BEIRA airmail cancel to Natal, faint toning around stamp does not detract unduly (1 postcard)R 140
Ppc / Rail / ONatal 1905 (OC 20). KING EDWARD 7th / RAIL / RAILWAYS SG 146 . ½d green tied by PIETERMARITZBURG/ NATAL cds to local address to photographic postcard, nice early view - RAILWAY STATION, DURBAN, publisher not shown, minor handling evident but still attractive (1 postcard)R 100
PH / Pmks / PpcTransvaal to Cape of Good Hope to Natal to South Africa - Union 1912 (DE 9). KING EDWARD 7th / INTERPROVINCIALS / POSTMARK/S / POSTAL HISTORY SG 273a . Transvaal ½d on postcard tied by CAPE TOWN d/c cds, to BELLAIR/ NATAL/ DE 13/ 12 d/c arrival cds (Putzel No.3a - as No.3 but without time code), colour view - "Somerset Strand and Beach, C.C. No. 1" & published by "C. Bain, Cape Town.", minor handling faults but still VF interprovincial usage (1 postcard)R 100
Kut1960168, 1710
Ppc / [A] / OKenya Uganda & Tanganyika to South Africa - Union 1960 (13 MAR). HOTELS SG 168, 171 . 1954 Defins 10c Giraffe & 30c Owen Falls on photographic postcard with view - NEW AFRICA HOTEL, by DAR-ES-SALAAM/ TANGANYIKA machine cancel by air to Natal, fine condition (1 postcard)R 75
FDCIsrael 1953 (7.10). ANNIVERSARY/ANNIVERSARIES / FARMING / FRUITS . Illustrated cover with special cancel, issued to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of Petah-Tiqwa, VF unaddressed (1 cover)R 50
O / PmkGrenada 1895-99. QUEEN VICTORIA / POSTMARK/S / DEFINITIVES SG 51 . 2½d mauve & ultramarine single with a VF & almost complete strike of GRENADA/ B/ 17 OC 95 s/c cds (1 stamp)R 75
GBR1976844, 886P
[X] / CindGreat Britain 1976 (12 OCT). QEII / QUEEN ELIZABETH / PERFINS / OFFICIALS SG 844, 886P . Official HOUSE OF COMMONS postal staionery envelope (crest on backflap) with Machin 1p & 10p both perfinned NU/A & tied by HOUSE OF COMMONS machine cancel to South Africa, VF condition (1 cover)R 140
Rail / Cind / PRhodesia 1965 (circa). RAIL / RAILWAYS / CINDERELLAS / IMPERFS / PROOFS . Imperforate Proofs in blocks of 4 of the frame plates only (without values or station codes) in orange & in light green respectively, superb UM & most unusual (2 blocks)R 800
[A] / FFCSouth Africa - Republic to United States 1973 (-2 XI). AIRLINES / FLOWERS / FLIGHT COVERS / AIRPORTS . Official SAA 1st Flight Cover no 2 (b/s type C, full stops after A. & M. plus "3" under NO of NOV & some other differences), from JAN SMUTS AIRPORT (Jhb) direct to NEW YORK, only 2000 flown (including all 3 types of b/s) & very underated thus, fine condition (1 cover)R 200
O / VBechuanaland, Protectorate 1965 (1 III). QEII / QUEEN ELIZABETH / COMMEMORATIVES / MAPS / ERRORS/ VARIETIES SG 186-89v . New Constitution set complete VFU on piece, 25c value with variety - "Lake flaw" listed in 1983 SG QEII cat as V7 (1 item)R 120
[S] / p.stat / PmkGreat Britain to South Africa - Union 1951 (16 FEB). UNION CASTLE SHIPPING LINE / PAQUEBOT / SHIPS / SHIPPING / POSTAL HISTORY . SA 3d & 6d single Defins on official UNION-CASTLE LINE postal stationery envelope (logo with small flag imprint on backflap & without the instruction "If undelivered please return this letter to:-" printed below), tied by SOUTHAMPTON/ PAQUEBOT/ PAQUEBO(T)/ POSTED AT S(EA) machine cancel to Natal, some light foxing not unduly detracting (1 cover)R 150
[S] / p.statSouth Africa - Union to Great Britain 1957 (circa). UNION CASTLE SHIPPING LINE / SHIPS / SHIPPING . Official UNION-CASTLE LINE postal stationery envelope (large UNION-CASTLE LINE logo & flag imprint on backflap with "If undelivered please return this letter to:-" printed below), superb unused (1 cover)R 100
Ppc / WarGreat Britain to Scotland to Natal 1905 (SP 22). WORLD WAR I / MILITARY / HISTORY Black & white photographic postcard inscribed ROYAL VOLUNTEER REVIEW. EDINBURGH. 18TH SEPT 1905. published by RELIABLE SERIES, used with 1d KEVII tied by EDINBURGH cds to Durban, odd handling not unduly detracting from a interesting item (1 postcard)R 150
**South Africa - Republic 1974 (9 Oct). STAMPS ON STAMPS / U.P.U./ UNIVERSAL POSTAL UNION / OMNIBUS / COMMEMORATIVES SG 347 15c UPU Centenary (SACC 358) in complete A pane of 50 stamps (suitably folded vertically, not through side arrows) VF UM, cat as singles £35+ (1 sheet)R 250
** / VSouth Africa - Republic 1964 (12 Oct). NURSING / ANNIVERSARY/ANNIVERSARIES / COMMEMORATIVES / ERRORS/ VARIETIES SG 255-7 . 50th Anniversary of SA Nursing Association set complete sheets (of 100 stamps each, suitably folded), 2½c cylinder S3/S15A with Republic Handbook variety V1, 12½c B pane with varieties V3 & V10-V13, VF UM SACC 248-49 cat as singles R4200/ SG cat £225 (2 sheets)R 1100
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