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Advice & Information
Whether you're a collector, interested in becoming a collector, or you are in possession of a collection, we offer advice & information regarding all aspects of buying or selling, storing, preserving & researching of philatelic items & related subjects.
We are buyers of almost anything philatelic or related, such as:

Envelopes, Covers, Postcards & Documents
Correspondences - personal or business, all types of Postal History, Postcards plain or picture, Documents historical, insurance, legal, shipping, government or official

Postal Stationery
Correspondences - personal or business, all types of Postal Postal Cards, Letter Cards, Pre-stamped Envelopes, Registered Envelopes, Official Envelopes, Wrappers, Airmail & Airletter Stationery

Stamps still attached to part envelope/s or paper with readable postal strike/s, or documents with special handstamps

Mint or used singles, sets, sheets or part sheets, mixed lots, collections & accumulations, Booklets, Postage Dues, Essays & Proofs, Forgeries, Officials, Omnibus Issues, Postage Dues, Specimens, Thematics

Assize, Bank Draft, Christmas stamps, Cigarette & Trade Cards, Consular, Customs / Douane, Customs Frank Fee, Entertainment Tax, Easter stamps, Farm Dairy Levy, Hospital Tax, Insurance, Publicity Labels, Legacy Duty, Locals, Monthly Pass Fee, Native Tax, Pass, Patent & Proprietary, Petrol coupons, Penalty, Ration cards, Refugee Aid, Revenues & Fiscals, Stickers, Telegraphs, Tribal Tax

Catalogues & Literature
Old & new stamp catalogues, Philatelic magazines, Auction catalogues, Books (non-fiction) of philatelic and/or historical significance.
We sell all of the above items either by:

Direct sale via our website
Commission sale
By private treaty

Your wants list welcome by Fax +27 86 612-3659 or email

For Estate or insurance purposes
Realistic Market valuations

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